Mr Crimson True-Ratings: Week 9 (Forever Tweaking...)

Okay, so I studied what I was doing and think I fixed the problem.

The TOP 25

25) UTAH STATE (7-2)- Beat #66 UTSA 48-17. Has lost 2 games, to Wisconsin and BYU, both by a field goal or less. Their wins aren't boasting, with their best victory being 49-27 over #47 San Jose State, but they've won enough to be in the Top 25.

24)TULSA (7-1)- Beat #96 Rice 28-24. Their lone loss is to Iowa State, 38-23, and their best win is a 27-26 squeeze past #37 Fresno State.

23) TEXAS TECH (6-2)- lost to Kansas State 55-24. Their only other loss is to Oklahoma and they dominated West Virginia before KSU got a chance to.

22) TOLEDO (8-1)- Beat #107 Buffalo 25-20. They haven't been winning pretty, but since losing a close one to Arizona in the season opener, they've rattled off eight straight, including a victory over then undefeated Cincinnati.

21)RUTGERS (7-1)- lost to #27 Kent State 23-35. Seems like it would only be a matter of time before Rutgers would eventually drop one. They also have games against Cincinnati and Louisville coming up, so who knows where they'll go from here.

20)USC (6-2)- lost to #41 Arizona 35-39. The preseason number one pick can't afford to lose another game or they won't even be in the Top 25. And they have Oregon coming up. Good luck, Kiffin.

19) OREGON STATE (6-1)- lost to #77 Washington 17-20. It seems the only thing Washington is good at is taking down the upstarts. You had to know eventually the Beavers would be too tired to compete, what with the schedule they've had and all.

18) SOUTH CAROLINA (7-2)- held off #75 Tennessee, but just barely. Funny how the Gamecocks were considered the darlings of the East a mere three weeks ago.

17) OKLAHOMA (5-2)- lost to Notre Dame 13-30. Leave it to Choke-lahoma to make the Fighting Irish look legit finally.

16) TEXAS A&M (6-2)- beat #109 Auburn 63-21. Next week's game against MSU will be really interesting to watch.

15) NORTHERN ILLINOIS (8-1)- beat #94 Western Michigan 48-34. Provided they can get past Toledo in a couple of weeks the Huskies will be playing Kent State (more than likely) for the MAC championship. Who would've thought a couple of 1-loss teams could be MAC Champions. Big 10 who?

14) LSU (7-1)- bye week in preparation for Alabama. The rematch of the rematch won't have the same intensity as last year when both teams were essentially tied for best all season long (if this were 1966, they would've tied their regular season game and shared the title at the end of the year... but it isn't and they didn't, and now they're not a top 10 team. But they would be with a win next week...)

13) LA Tech (7-1)- beat #113 New Mexico State 28-14. The bulldogs are a two-point conversion away from being potentially undefeated. Their late season battle with #25 Utah State will decide the WAC. What's that? Another set of 1-loss teams in an also-ran conference? What is this world coming to?

12)BOISE STATE (7-1)- beat #112 Wyoming 45-14. That loss to Michigan State in the season opener doesn't look impress at all anymore, but the seven wins they've racked up since then has been business as usual. They play San Diego State next week and this will be the closest they come to playing someone worth a grain of salt.

11) LOUISVILLE (8-0)- beat #34 Cincinnati 34-31. So, they haven't played a difficult schedule and they're the only undefeated team not in the Top 10, but you have to give credit where credit is due. It's not exactly easy to go undefeated, and Louisville has managed it. Kudos.

10) CLEMSON (7-1)- beat #80 Wake Forest 42-13. The real meat of their schedule is still ahead, but winning 7/8 (with your lone loss being to Florida State) is not a bad way to go about things.

9) MSU (7-1)- lost to Alabama 7-38. Yeah, they got owned this week, but they've done nothing but win otherwise. Next week's game against Texas A&M will really go the distance in telling us what this team is made of.

8) GEORGIA (7-1)- beat Florida 17-9. Florida handed them this win on a silver platter, and Georgia just about coughed it up anyway. However, the Cocktail Party is over and if the Bulldogs win out (their toughest competition is Ole Miss next week; otherwise, clear sailing), they'll be playing in the SEC Championship. Florida's the better team, but the picked the worst possible team to lose to this year.

7) FSU (8-1)- beat #53 Duke 48-7. FSU is still pretty much the cream of the ACC crop, despite losing to NC State out of nowhere. They won't be playing for the BCS, but they're definitely still on the hunt for a BCS Bowl.

6) FLORIDA (7-1)- lost to #8 Georgia 9-17. You have to feel sorry for that guy who was literally a foot away from potentially putting this game into overtime. You have to laugh too, but it's still a little sad. In a funny way. Don't worry, Florida, I'm sure Georgia will turn right around and derp one away to Ole Miss next week.

5) OHIO STATE (9-0)- In all honesty, I'm half rooting for Ohio State to go undefeated just because I know they can't do anything with it. I wanted Penn State to win last week, but these things happen.

4) NOTRE DAME (8-0)- beat #17 Oklahoma 30-13. It would be hilarious if a) USC beat at the end of the season, or b) they went undefeated only to get pantsed by Alabama in the BCS Championship game. Either one works for me.

3) KANSAS STATE (8-0)- beat #23 Texas Tech 55-24. I can't say I saw this coming. They still have #31 OSU, #46 TCU, and #30 Texas, but all of those teams are beatable, it's just a matter of whether they'll sustain the intensity. If any team should win it all instead of Alabama, I'd want it to be Bill Snyder's team. But let's face it: if Alabama doesn't win it all this year, I'm swearing off football and going on a sabbatical to the Himilayas or something...

2) OREGON (8-0)- beat #121 Colorado 70-14. They've beaten some good teams this year (Arizona, Arizona State and they have yet to keep one close. With games against USC, Stanford, and Oregon State still left, it'll be interesting to see if they run the table with ease, have a scare doing so, or slip up along the way.

1) ALABAMA (8-0) beat #9 MSU 38-7. Needless to say, everyone's going to say, "Oh, MSU wasn't any good to begin with. They just had an easy schedule." And that's fine, let'em. Doesn't matter. Every opponent Alabama's faced has gone home with their tails firmly between their legs. Maybe at the end of the year they'll be saying it was a down year for college football, and frankly I don't care. Bama looks like a machine this year, and I couldn't be happier about it. ROLL TIDE!!

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