Mr. Crimson True-Ratings: Week 6


why? (because #29 is UTSA, the lowest ranked undefeated team, that's why). Today is a ranking, not a rating, so I haven't stocked the teams based on their relative strengths, I'm simply ranking them the old fashioned way, one after the other.

#29- UTSA (5-0)- Larry Coker- They've played nobody. They've beaten nobody. But they haven't lost to nobody either.

#28- NEBRASKA (4-2)- Bo Pelini- Ran with an Ohio State team that's been struggling to put away games lately, then tripped and got run over by the same Ohio State team that's been struggling to put away games lately.

#27- NORTHWESTERN (5-1)- Pat Fitzgerald- So much for being the Big 10s last hope. All hilarious thoughts of someone like Northwestern or Ohio playing for the National Championship can now be put to rest. Penn State, meanwhile, is coming together under Bill O'Brien, and I'm starting to enjoy the thought of Penn State being Bill O'Brien's team. Nice fella tackling a rough situation and doing what he can with it.

#26- TULSA (5-1)- Bill Blankenship- They lost one game to Iowa State and haven't looked back since. However, they also haven't beaten anyone of record (Fresno State's alright, I guess...).

#25- USC (4-1)- Lane Kiffin- Still waiting on them to beat someone worth a squat after getting sat on by Stanford earlier in the season. Any other year, Utah might can't... but not this one.

#24- RUTGERS (5-0)- Kyle Flood- The 15th undefeated team beat their toughest competition of the year, basketball powerhouse UConn this weekend. They will probably not see legitimate and telling competition until Cincinnati. They will probably go ahead and lose to Temple two weeks before they ever play Cincy.

#23- CINCINNATI (4-0)- Butch Jones- Speaking of former 'worst undefeated team' of the year, finally has a decent win (albeit against lackluster Miami of Ohio, who I like to refer to as MiamoH (pronounced "my ammo", because, well, it's shorter and cooler). They did beat Virginia Tech, something NOBODY ELSE HAS MANAGED TO DO ALL YEAR (just kidding: quick, go check out the Hokies record...)

#22- LOUISVILLE (5-0)- Charlie Strong- It's almost like the Big East is composed of three teams that just haven't played each other yet and are warming up to the challenge by playing all the other Big East teams that just frankly suck. Louisville is winning right now because Louisville played Kentucky. (and UNC, they also managed to put one away against UNC... why do I feel like I'm talking about basketball right now???)

#21- TEXAS TECH (4-1)- Tommy Tuberville- Exposed! Nah, just running that Big 12 gauntlet that, mark my words (I don't care what you've heard), no single Big 12 team will escape unscathed. West Virginia won't do it, Kansas State won't do it (who's still undefeated in the Big 12? Are those already it? Ohhhh.... see?)

#20- TEXAS A&M (4-1)- Kevin Sumlin- They look really good against hapless competition, barely squeek by decent teams, and will probably get summarily trounced by a legitimate Top 5 contender. Welcome, Arkansas 2011. Your 10-2 season awaits! Next loss: A-la-ba-ma). (Actually, I haven't looked at their schedule. Do they play South Carolina this year? Do they? If so, that's 3 losses, maybe 4 if LSU's finally woken up from its post-BCSNCG drunken stupor).

#19- OREGON STATE (4-0)- Mike Riley- I'm impressed. Impressed enough to think they have a chance against Oregon? Nope. But still... they, like Ohio, have had this entertaining tendency to play every game down to the wire and win (no matter who they're playing).

#18- OHIO (6-0)- Frank Solich- Speaking of which... lemme put this into perspective for you. Their last 3 FBS opponents were Marshall, UMass, and Buffalo. Their margin of victory for all three teams COMBINED: 13 points. If you're a Bobcat fan right now, you have to be looking at your watch and wondering when it all ends.

#17- ARIZONA STATE (4-1)- Todd Graham- They lost to Missouri, which does way more for Missouri, but have managed to beat the likes of... Utah, Cal, Northern Arizona... honestly, ASU being ranked #17 says more about the teams below it than it does about ASU.

#16- LA TECH (5-0)- Sonny Dykes- I keep forgetting that this team is in the WAC, because they have that Conference USA shine, don't they? Another team that hasn't beaten anyone, but hasn't lost. At least they've managed to beat some of their opponents convincingly.

#15- LSU (5-1)- Les Miles- Yeah, I called this one. Now, here's another call. Despite looking like crap all month and not being able to score more than 6 points against Florida, LSU turns around and beats South Carolina next week. Why? Because they've positioned themselves in the perfect blind side sucker punch angle. And also South Carolina sucks on the road.

#14- CLEMSON (5-1)- Dabo Sweeney- Watch Virginia Tech beat Clemson. The ACC might as well have its own suicide prevention hotline (for the teams. Not the fans, the fans are mostly used to this).

#13- MSU (5-0)- Dan Mullen- I don't have anything to say about this other than, "it won't last."

#12- TEXAS (4-1)- Mack Brown- Big 12 guantlet, take 2. KSU and WVU, step up to the plate please.

#11- STANFORD (4-1)- David Shaw- I like the thought of Stanford being the giant killer of the Pac 12, only to lose the very next week to someone like Washington. This thought makes me giggle like a schoolboy. Go tree!

#10- FSU (5-1)- Jimbo Fisher. Hehehehehe... hey, it could've been worse. They could've waited until Duke.

#9- GEORGIA (5-1)- Mark Richt- The level of competition is the only reason Georgia managed to stay higher than FSU. South Carolina is a good team this year and very well might play, oh, let's say Alabama in the SEC Championship... Georgia, meanwhile, will win out from here on and then play in the SEC Championship anyway despite getting gangraped by USC because their SEC records and it's so funny it's totally going to happen just watch.

#8- WEST VIRGINIA (5-0)- Dana Holgerson- Sooooooon, says the Big 12 gauntlet. Sooooon.

#7- KANSAS STATE (5-0)- Bill Snyder- Even soooooooner. Kansas State is playing like a stick of TNT that has trouble lighting. Eventually, it's going to be a wet day and whoever they're playing is going to cut the cord, chunk the stick, and pummel the guy who was wbout to kill 'em with it. That someone is probably going to be WVU.

#6- FLORIDA (5-0)- Will Muschamp- They beat LSU. I mean, yay. They have yet to play Georgia and South Carolina. I mean, hey.

#5- NOTRE DAME (5-0)- Brian Kelly- I'm torn between wanting them to lose every game and wanting them to win out just so they can get pummeled by Alabama in the BCSCG and then turn around and lose every game next year. I want them to lose though, I don't think I can emphasize enough.

#4- ALABAMA (5-0)- Nick Saban. Bye week blues. Give it a minute, they'll be back on top again.

#3- OHIO STATE (6-0)- Urban Meyer- Not eligible for post-season play. Who cares. Will lose to team they shouldn't.

#2- OREGON (6-0)- Chip Kelly- Come on, Stanford. Work that giant killing magic.

#1- SOUTH CAROLINA (6-0)- Steve Spurrier- Total sucker punch coming in 3...2....

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