Hey SEC Thumpers...Shut It.

If you are LSU or UF fan you can click off this page because my comments below are not pointed at you. You've done your part over the last 10 years. However if you are a Vol, Dawg, ‘Cock, Reb or Bully please continue cause I think you need to read this..

Before I start, and just for shits and giggles, let's look at what teams have won the SEC since 1992 since that's when most of the current members joined and the SEC CG was created. Id say going back 20 years is fair enough to get an idea on who should be able to wave that SEC flag..

1992 - Alabama
1993 - Florida
1994 - Florida
1995 - Florida
1996 - Florida
1997 - Tennessee
1998 - Tennessee
1999 - Alabama
2000 - Florida
2001 - LSU
2002 - Georgia
2003 - LSU
2004 - Auburn
2005 - Georgia
2006 - Florida
2007 - LSU
2008 - Florida
2009 - Alabama
2010 - Auburn
2011 - LSU

Florida- 7 SEC and 3 National Titles

Alabama- 3 SEC and 3 National Titles

LSU- 4 SEC and 2 National Titles

Tennessee- 2 SEC and 1 National Title

Auburn- 2 SEC and 1 National Title

UGA- 2 SEC and 0 National Titles

So UGA is the lone team with a SEC title and no National title (lol). Know what I don't see in that list? USCe, Miss St, Ole Miss, Vandy, or UK anywhere...What gives? I mean those fan bases probably wave the SEC flag just as hard as any other team but yet they haven't won a single SEC title in 20 years let alone a National titile..(Im going to give UK a reprieve here because, hell, at least they are good at Basketball. Oh and Vandy brings up the overall IQ of the conference...So yeah they are cool.)

Lets at least look at divisional wins to tell if there's a difference..

1992 Florida/ Alabama

1993 Florida/ Alabama

1994 Florida/ Alabama

1995 Florida/ Arkansas

1996 Florida/ Alabama

1997 Tennessee/ Auburn

1998 Tennessee/ Mississippi State

1999 Florida/ Alabama

2000 Florida/ Auburn

2001 Tennessee/ LSU

2002 Georgia/ Arkansas

2003 Georgia/ LSU

2004 Tennessee/ Auburn

2005 Georgia/ LSU

2006 Florida/ Arkansas

2007 Tennessee/ LSU

2008 Florida/ Alabama

2009 Florida/ Alabama

2010 South Carolina/ Auburn

2011 Georgia/ LSU

Any difference? Nope. LSU, Bama, UF and Tennessee still dominate. Arkansas made the SEC CG three times (YAY FOR YOU GUYS) and Miss St and USCe once in 20 years..That is hardly a sign of SEC dominance there. Hell, UGA got there 4 times..

I'm going to pick on Gawgya for a second if that is OK. Now, I've lived in your state and I actually have family members who are "Dawgs". (they are married in thank gawd) So I have a bit of experience with your fan base. You are more arrogant than Auburn fans but have accomplished less.

So, UGA, let's sit under the honest tree for a minute. Your last National Title came in 1980 and last SEC Championship came in 2005. Yes, you were in the SEC CG last year but deere lowered the 2011 SEC East was a dumpster fire. You won two SEC titles in 20 years while other elite teams in the SEC have more SEC titles and actually added National Titles to their resume. Jesus H Christ! Tennessee and Auburn ::AUBURN:: have Natty titles in that same time frame. GENE FRICKING CHIZIK has a title and you don't..Think about that.

So why are you so arrogant? Why do you act as if the "Dawgs" are gods gift to football? When was the last time you did anything for the SEC other than giving us plenty of "Mark Richt has lost control of ____" jokes? Seriously, I don't get why you thump your SEC chest so hard..

And that goes for UT too. I mean sure you've won a Natty Title but shit that was in 1998 over a FSU team that started its 2nd string QB. True, you've been humbled the last three or four years but like UGA, when was the last time you did anything for the SEC? And we hate you even more for bringing Lane Fricking Kiffin to the SEC. For that alone, not to mention being low down, dirty snitches, you deserve every bit of schadenfreude you receive.

So, what about you Mississippi State, Arkansas and Ole Miss? What gives you the right? At least USCe won two Natty Champs in baseball. I mean yes you are IN the SEC but outside of a few bowl games you've done nothing..And please for the love of god, don't chant "S-E-C!" when you win your bowl game in Shreveport...It's embarrassing and more for you than us.

Am I being harsh? Probably but for good measure. Just look at this year as an example. Auburn, Arkansas, Kentucky and Tennessee are all embarrassments to the conference. If a one loss SEC doesn't make it into the National Title game it's y'alls fault. Overall perception of the strength of the SEC as been brought to an all time low due to your derpness. Get it together. Mississippi St can't beat a non-Sunbelt team and Ole Miss is, well, Ole Miss. Yes some other teams, like Bama, have had our moments embarrassing the conference but jesus....You don't have the right to rest on other teams laurels by affiliation alone. At some point, you have do something, anything to help us out.

So next time you decide to thump your SEC chest please think twice. You may be "SEC" but you aren't acting like it.



FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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