Georgia Tech vs. Alabama Football Ticket Stubs

Hey guys,

I'm a long time Georgia Tech fan and alum and have been attending Tech football games since I was a young kid. Ever since about 1997, I've kept all of the ticket stubs from games that I attended.

Last December I began collecting Georgia Tech ticket stubs from all seasons. Up to this point, I've amassed a collection of over 900 tickets spanning nearly 600 games back to 1921.

In April I launched a website to display my collection at If you take a look at the site you'll see pictures of all of the unique stubs, full tickets, and press passes in the collection.

I've got many Tech vs. Alabama tickets in the lot, the oldest being a 1936 Alabama at Georgia Tech ticket. You can see this image here:

The oldest Tech @ Alabama ticket if from 1937 at Legion Field in Birmingham.

There are still many Tech vs. Alabama tickets that I need, and I was hoping that by posting on here I may locate someone that has some of them. Some years in particular that I need are:

1964 Alabama @ Georgia Tech
1963 Georgia Tech @ Alabama (Legion Field)
1959 Georgia Tech @ Alabama (Legion Field)
1958 Alabama @ Georgia Tech
1957 Georgia Tech @ Alabama (Legion Field)

There are many older than this, but I figured this was a good short list to post to see if it generated any interest. The entire list of what I'm seeking can be found on the Wanted Tickets page of the site.

If anyone has any of these tickets or stubs and is willing to sell or donate them, please shoot me an e-mail at

I've also got many duplicate ticket stubs that I may be interested in trading for those listed above or others that I'm seeking.

If you don't have any available, then I hope you enjoy the collection! The older games have statistics and game summaries that I wrote based on old newspaper articles written the day after the games.

Thanks for reading!

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