Week 12 Why Oh God Why Sagarin Rankings with the Saddest of Projections.

Ugh. OK, let's just get through this...

Alabama 101.43
Florida 91.29
Georgia 88.49
South Carolina 87.87
LSU 87.76
Mississippi State 77.63
Ole Miss 76.91
Missouri 76.06
Tennessee 73.94
Arkansas 70.79
Auburn 64.94
Kentucky 59.63

Leaving to the following oh god why season....


* - Georgia 7-1 (tie-breaker over Florida)
Florida 7-1
South Carolina 6-2
Vanderbilt 4-4
Missouri 2-6
Tennessee 2-6
Kentucky 0-8


* - Alabama 7-1 (clinches w/ win over AU, TAMU loss to Mizzou, or LSU winning out and UA highest in BCS)
LSU 6-2
Texas A&M 6-2
Mississippi State 5-3
Ole Miss 3-5
Arkansas 2-6
Auburn 0-8

SEC CHAMPIONSHIP: Alabama (-13) over Georgia

The three undefeateds are projected to win out, with K-State's closest win over Texas (-12), Oregon's closest win over Oregon State (-5), and Notre Dame's closest win over USC (-1). So, we are all Beaver and (shudder) Trojan fans for awhile. Assuming we don't get any favors, however, this is our best case BCS scenario:

BCS CHAMPIONSHIP: Kansas State vs Oregon

FIESTA BOWL: (Replacement #1) vs. At-large #1

SUGAR BOWL: Alabama vs. At-large #2

ORANGE BOWL: Florida State vs. At-large #3

ROSE BOWL: Nebraska vs. (Replacement #2)

K-State's #1 in the BCS, and without a loss they're not falling two spots in two weeks. Oregon's #2, but they should play the same best remaining opponent (USC) as Notre Dame, so should stay there (if not jump K-State). This leaves the Irish on the outside looking in, and a natural consolation prize for the Fiesta Bowl. Rose goes next, with Florida being the next best prize (unless FSU pulls off the upset), followed by Oklahoma to the Fiesta. This leaves Sugar stuck choosing between 2-loss Clemson (although this pick will be easier if they pull a fast one on Scarelina), a 3-loss Pac-12 team, or the Big East champ. The Tigers it is, leaving Rutgers (projected to hang a three-way tie with Cincinnati and Louisville) bound for the Orange.

BCS CHAMPIONSHIP: Oregon (-1) over Kansas State

FIESTA BOWL: Notre Dame (-1) over Oklahoma

SUGAR BOWL: Alabama (-17) over Clemson

ORANGE BOWL: Florida State (-12) over Rutgers

ROSE BOWL: Florida (-9) over Nebraska

So, a replay of 2009 is out of the question; can it be 2011? 2010? Or (heaven help us) 2008?

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