Hey Auburn - We're ready - Prepare for the Storm!

So there I was watching our season slip away as we completely dug a hole in exactly 1 quarter of football against A&M. Then we come back and have a chance at another miracle drive - just to see it slip away. Hard loss.

College football is great because beyond all of the predictions, there are things like life, emotion, circumstance, momentum and LUCK. You could be perfect for most of the season and slip up for one game, or one play within a game, and POOF season's redefined for better or worse.

When we lost, the haters united - We saw stuff like our archrivals rolling their own trees - NOT BECAUSE THEY WON - because we lost 1 game. You already feel bad, like you lost a relative or close friend - then you see and hear stuff which makes you shake your head. Those who hate your team know this and pile on while your down.

Then exactly one week later - IT ALL CHANGES! You're back on that emotional roller coaster and all of the haters go back to their weeping and gnashing of teeth.

So to the haters left on the list, I just wanted to send a quick message to ya:

• We are thankful for the opportunity - AGAIN!
• We recognize the challenges ahead
• We will prepare diligently for those challenges
• We will feed off the negative comments from our rival
• We will not look ahead and focus solely on this game
• We will remember our last home game and the opportunity we let slip away
• We will put forth our best effort to date

Just know that we will be ready and that a storm is brewing.
Once we kickoff, a powerful wave of humanity is coming at you - EVERY PLAY.
All of the blood, sweat and tears from this season is going into this one game.
We will NOT relent, nor do we care what your record is.
We remember and said NEVER AGAIN!
It's time for the storm of reckoning.

Roll Tide!

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