Random Thoughts from Around the Country

For those of you who turned off the TV after Alabama's win over Western Carolina to do something silly like spend the time with your family, you missed a lot. It was CHAOS. We had some serious MOJO working which resulted in Baylor and the Cradinal coming through for us. These final two weeks are going to get even wackier.

Kansas State comes crashing back to Earth with a deafening boom. There is not much chance of the Wildcats getting into the big game after losing to a mediocre Baylor team by 28 points and one game left. The Big 12's inability (or is it stubbornness?) to keep their league at 12 teams and hence have no Championship game will hurt them yet again. Maybe T. Boone can buy some teams.

Oregon not only lost to Stanford, they lost a chance to clinch the Pac-12 North. The Ducks and Stanford are both 7-1 in conference play and obviously the Cardinal hold the tiebreaker. If Stanford beats UCLA this Saturday, they get the honor of playing the Bruins again in the Championship game. If Stanford loses and Oregon wins their Civil War, then the Quackers play UCLA.

Here's the rub: Is Oregon’s loss to Stanford, win over Oregon State, and a potential win over UCLA more impressive than Alabama's loss to Texas A&M, win over Auburn, and win over Georgia? It is a moot point if Stanford wins Saturday.

Oddly enough, we actually need to root for UGA on Saturday vs. Georgia Tech. A win over 3-8 Auburn does not help Bama too much but a win over 11-1 third-ranked Georgia will be more attractive than Oregon's win over #16 Oregon State.

Georgia Tech is such a weird team. They run that stupid triple option that is more suited for Navy or Georgia Southern. The Yellow Jackets lost home games to Middle Tennessee 49-28 and BYU 41-17. However, they have won their last three @Maryland, @UNC, and home to Duke by an average of 48 to 29. UGA will be favored but you never know with these two Jekyll and Hydes from the Peach State. More weirdness: This week, Miami has elected to self-impose a second year of bowl banning thus clinching the ACC Coastal Division for Tech who is 6-5 and soon to be 6-6. Sad times in ACC country.

Maryland: who had Maryland +31 vs. FSU? The Terps scored a meaningless 42-yard touchdown with 37 seconds left against FSU's 3rd string and lost 41-14. Ch-ching! The Terps are cashing in too. Today it was announced that they will be moving to the SEC's kid brother conference, the Big Ten starting in 2014. Maryland has tried every trick in the book: cutting other sports, wearing 40 different versions of pajamas/uniforms, even firing Ralph Friedgen for going (gasp) 9-4 in 2010 and winning "Coach of the Year" honors. The turtles have gone 6–17 under Randy Edsall. Do they think trips to Lincoln, Ann Arbor and Columbus are going to make things better?

Rutgers: When you think of historic Midwest college football, you think Rutgers, right? If you are like me, you probably did not even know what state Rutgers was in or that they even had a team until Greg Schiano took over and shocked the world by leading the Scarlet Knights to a 67–66 record in 11 seasons. Rutgers has attended seven bowl games in its 140-year history (Illinois has won eight bowl games. Illinois!) and six of them have been in this everybody-goes-to-a-bowl-game era of the past ten years. Jim Delaney thinks he is so smart by cornering the biggest TV market. But I have a News Flash for him: New Yorkers Do Not Care About College Football and They Don't Care About Rutgers! Film at Eleven.

~The Wacky West Special~

Boise: thought they could sneak their way into the BCS by joining the weak Big East. Now that the Big East is taking on water at an alarming rate, the Smurfs are having second thoughts and scheming a better way to backdoor their way in. It's called strength of schedule. Look into it.

BYU: thought they were Notre Dame. They are so big and have a big religious following that they can go independent, start their own network and the trophies and money would come pouring in. Now they see how irrelevant they really are.

These programs and San Diego State may want back in the Mountain West.

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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