It's Meltdown Time! | Last Call 'til 2013!

This picture was chosen because it looks like the place is on fire. Football Loki approves. - Kevin C. Cox

With the regular season now over it's time to enjoy one last shameful revel in the misery of others, specifically Georgia, Texas, and Nebraska, who may not have ended up champions on the field, but will forever be the champions of our hearts.

Special thanks to J Tadpole, *Name Redacted* AKA CJ, jwsmith42, and @seschenck (and a couple of folks who didn't provide names) for their contributions this week, and of course to everyone who stepped up to keep Meltdown Time going this season. Extra big Roll Tides to you folks.

WARNING: If you are easily offended, do not proceed. There is vulgarity and crudity of every kind just below this gif...


2nd PI no call. Bama being favored by the zebras

Bama gets every god damn call

OF COURSE the zebras can call holding NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Easy. if we hold, we should expect to get called for it. If they hold, we should expect to deal with it. We’re playing grown man football.

Bet the refs will call us for holding somehow for this possesion...

Maybe I should not watch. First play I see is an interception and a blown call by the ref.

Guess they only call that for Alabama. Guess we have to beat the tide and the Ref’s.


Are you fucking kidding me? Sorry for the language, but you’ve got to be fucking kidding me on that no call.

SUCH A ONE SIDED BIAS GOIN ON HERE. kill our qb, it’s ok

This is really unbelievable. Looks like Bama made a pay-off in Birmingham the way this crap is going. Fix is clearly in with all these no-calls for Bama.

I've broken my wallet, a bottle of nose spray, and one of those folding dinner trays over that call. It’s so much BS that even my BS meter is broken.

that non-call...will cost us the game. Playing Bama from behind is not a winning strategy.

Sooo angry. Just wish we could get a fairly called game for once. Oh, wait, we are in the SEC. That will never happen.

How long was that damn ref going to wait to signal the TD?! Nope. No fix. None at all.

hey they blocked our guy in the back CALL IT BOTH WAYS

Call it one of the most rigged SEC Championship games ever

NO because the refs are making sure we get called on marginal stuff. NOT calling AL on obvious stuff

Alabama hasn't been called for holding since 2007.

Yeah, and Bama players never get in trouble with the law, either.

JOnes takes down Jenkins. NO CALL

Silly you ... no interference allowed ...unless you have a G on your helmet

I've never been about the SEC pride. Screw the team that got every freaking call in their championship game. I hope Notre Dame slaughters them.

The officiating was horrible McCarron got a flag cause of a hit that was not intentional but they didn't call that one!! NFL replacement refs would have been better!!!

Why did the ref not get nothing done to him he was there when it happen

Refs always handicap UGA in the big ones.

it was one of the biggest cheap shots i have ever seen....he was twenty yards away from the play...if the role was reversed you all know dang well the refs would have throw a flag and ejected our player....Bama has always got the calls for as long as i can remember...i am 59 years old....this is not being a dore loser...our team played all the way to the bell...and bama was dancing a jig when it ended...for what reason??? d

lol a petition to bench him from UGA totally has credibility. We should also sign a petition to go to the National Championship.

that was the cheapest of cheap shots. He was apparently channeling his inner Nick Fairley.

It really seemed as though Bama brought their own officials and tv announcers last night.


Now that half of our defense is going to the league, we're going to get shitted on next year. As long as Richt is our coach, we'll never win a national title. Fuck this....I'm getting another drink.

I'm pissed off right now. At least Nebraska has been to a big game in the past 15 years. We always shit the bed before we even have a chance to go. Fuck this team.

Mark Richt is the guy who somehow lucks into wins in NCAA by cheesing, I am pretty sure too.

this georgia team was absolutely stacked and he still found away to do you have 10 NFL players on defense and look like Baylor?

The Geathers-Jenkins front is some of the dumbest shit I've ever seen...That would be like playing Casey Hampton and B.J. Raji on the same line...IT'S FUCKING RETARDED AS SHIT.

you let AJ make a 20 yard run? GO HOME GEORGIA, YOU'RE DRUNK

I wish savage discomfort on the officials and everyone affiliated with the Crimson Tide.

Just wish we could get a fairly called game for once. Oh, wait, we are in the SEC. That will never happen.

Lacy is giving zero fucks right now.

Lacy with no remorse for georgia kind.


defense wut r u doin
defense stahp

lol sec refs missing everything

You have all witnessed The Travesty That Is Big Business Masquerading As College Football. Ratings, my friends. Ratings. That was a "Katrina Rule" moment. Count on a LOT of "non-calls". And for any pink elephants sniffing the room…Harvey Updike is the face of Alabama football. Maybe he’s Saban’s cousin…from HIS side of the family.

Alabama hasn't been called for holding since 2007







And someone finally needs to say it in public: the young men played hard…and our coaching staff is a bunch of overpaid buffoons.

It was just shit luck. excuse my language. Ya gotta have lady luck on your side to win some games (see GA v FL 2012) and tonite that fickle b*&^% was AL fan.

Come on Dawg Fans…it wasnt officiating…it’s not a conspiracy. We lost because we got out outcoached and outplayed. 300+ rushing yards (SEC championship record) and an undisciplined team (penalties)! When are we going to stop making excuses and identify the problem?

Wait... its over? what just happened... why is the clock stopped.... WHY DID HE NOT SPIKE THE BALL... FUCK YOU RICHT

I'm getting in my chevy z71, going to publix to buy 100 dozen eggs & driving to athens to find fucker's ford F150

i just paid $500 to watch this shit

not sure which is worse... the fact that i wasted $400 to watch spurrier sandusky us back in october or spending another $400 to watch saban do it again

glad that my hotel room windows don't open. my gf is wearing her USC gamecock tee & yelling "ROOOOW TIDE"

i'm about to dominate this bottle of jack like saban dominates the BCS.

Here's my tweet to urban dictionary- Sabaned: the act of being dominated by someone or something far superior to you in all facets.

The real victory for Bama was #42 saying the word ‘successful.’ Three syllable word!

Sad about the loss yet proud, at least were not inbred! go dawgs!

Dear Alabama Offensive line,
Tuck your freaking jerseys in. That's straight nasty. Also, congratulations on bailing out your defense. Finally, screw you.

Once a Dwag, always a Dwag.

Sometimes, it just comes down to luck, and that is the luckiest team I've ever seen, from start to finish. That was our game, and bama had better know it.


This is our easiest opponent we could ever play for a conference title. Losing would be disasterous

I didn't realize corn was such a potent fuel for dumpster fires.

I can't even masturbate tonight (probably).

Wisconsin has scored enough points to be able to donate them to other teams and cover everyone's spread this weekend.

Fuck it, who's with me and committing seppuku with the team after this game? That's the only way to regain any honor after this game.

At least Nebraska is destroying one thing tonight: FOX's ratings.

Dear Nebraska,
Montee Ball has a very large 28 on his chest. Tackle the guy with the big 28 on his chest. He will most likely have the ball.

At my buddy's place watching the game. We all just switched from drinking beer to drinking whiskey.

I'm not an alcoholic, I'm just a Husker fan.

someone explain how we won any games

Still 3rd quarter. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Gonna lay in the fetal position all week replaying Martinez's scramble and Bell's hit in my mind

Welp, good game guys. This was fun. We should do it again sometime. I'm off to invest in some heroin and start a crippling addiction, because I feel like that will make me happier in the long run than being a Husker fan.

Welp. Might as well study organic chemistry now. Can't watch anymore of this.

Just tell any of the football players you may see on campus, they missed the bus to the game. I hope they get a good education and a nice job after they graduate. Then I hope their first marriage breaks up and they can't work out equitable visitation rights with their kids and they develop an ulcer.

I'd rather be contracting syphilis.

I want to change the channel, but I feel like I should go down with the ship.


Bitch, you know your tan is fake. You're the only tan person in all of Wisconsin in December. I'm Mexican in Texas and I'm not even that tan.

Fuck it. I hope we see 100-10, at least than everyone will think that Wisconsin is a bunch of scumbags that run up the score. Also, fuck Wisconsin, I hope everyone in Wisconsin pours sour milk in their cereal tomorrow and ruins their breakfast.

well now I dont have to shell out $700 for the rose bowl

At least our band is good. Right guys? Right?

I think I'm going to get out my old Vhs player and watch the 96' Fiesta Bowl.

This just in: cornhuskers get cornholed, film at 11.


This announcer who keeps yelling for "Charles" is a fucking douche.


We have a big badger dick in our intestines right now. Time to fart it out and take control.

We were utterly embarrassed beyond recognition on national tv....again.

You think Saban will let us borrow a couple of his players, how about his playbook.

Why stop there? How about Saban himself and/or a couple of his coordinators?

Can we just borrow Alabama... period?

That was the equivalent of s***ting your pants in a job interview.

Way to suck at everything

I think Wisconsin could gain 8 in the victory formation

We are getting our shit kicked in by a team that is starting its third string QB, that we beat earlier in the season when they were starting their 1st string

Do f-bombs still work?

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

The team is playing like shit and I have to hear Gus Johnson

We cannot compete against any bowl bound SEC team

BO KNOWS DEFENSE…he knows his defense couldn’t stop a 90 year old with a walker.

You would think we would be able to stop that play once since they have ran it on us 25 times for 450 yards

…yes their starters are in. But, it’s not their fault they run once and it’s a touchdown.

This wasn’t a game it was a snuff film

Well now we’re talking subtle degrees of suckitude…

This is uncharted territory for discovering ways things can suck.

There are not enough words in the Kingdom of Suckdom to describe the humiliating disgrace of Bo Pelini and his inept staff and their inability to coach football

those worried about a SEC team wanting Bo as a coach can relax now

Auburn hung up the ph


god damn it McCoy...don't throw the game so obvious...make it look real.

Damn, Klein tough to take down like Ben Roethlisberger...but without the rape.

"Everyone hold up 4 so I can remember what quarter this is" M. Brown

Being a Texas fan isn't fun anymore. Is this what marriage will be like?

Oh, Case McCoy has a brother that played for Texas? Was he any good?

In all honesty I hope K State wins. I don't want OU being Big 12 Champions when K State beat OU in Norman. And in beating us I hope Klein throws for 10 TDs and 600 yards. That way he wins the Heisman and not Johnny. I know that's a horrible thing to say, and it makes me seem like a shit fan. But I don't care. We have nothing to play for other than the Cotton Bowl.

Colin Klein is so lucky. He gets to pad his stats against us right before the Heisman winner is chosen, just like RG3 last year. This is gonna be ugly.

How many points is a first down again?

Colt McCoy reference...drink?...fuck it I'm drinking either way

Coach Brown "RG3. Johnny Manziel? Nope, I'm going with Ash and Case"

K-State is pissed off and fired up (as expected), and Texas' offense is lethargic and unprepared (as expected).


Every game we don't get a play in and waste a timeout. Every. Fucking. Game.

It's like the fucking Mayans have moved up the apocalypse to tonight!



I would just like to apologize to all Longhorn fans. I wasn't able to watch the game until the fourth quarter, and when I turned it on Klein had his 55 yard TD pass. Shit hit the fan after that. I then turned it off after Case's interception and subsequent touchdown. Sure enough we scored right after. I take full responsibility and am sorry. It won't happen again.

I actually wouldn't mind K-St. winning as long as we keep it close, that way OU gets fucked over, and Klein wins the Heisman. It's a win-win-win situation.


I swear Mack was about to fucking have a stroke, and Muschamp would need to return...right guys? He'll come back, right?...guys?

I hope and pray the Cotton Bowl is the last game Coach Brown is the head of our team.

Once Klein graduates, KSU will be back into CFB obscurity. Seriously FUCK KSU and their chants.


I know Mack can’t see his balls, because of his big ole belly, but I didn’t think he was actually devoid of them.

Damn,,,the SEC CCG made me realize how soft the Horns really are

WHY ARE WE THROWING THE FUCKING FOOTBALL? We have a noodle arm quarterback. Stop throwing out routes to the fucking far side of the field.

My granddaughter could have throw a pass with more zip on it.

Your granddaughter ain’t got half the moxie case does and you know it.

Just waiting for the asteroid to hit

This is like watching Romo. He can hit a lot of throws and get hot but all you’re doing is sitting here and waiting for him to make those laughable fuck-ups.

Harsin on sideline getting Head Coaching Practice is it clap-clap or clap-clap, pause clap clap clap

Hell we can’t even hold without a sack


Announcers can fuck a spike. That was shitty, shitty out of place defense. Fuck me we suck.

FUCK YOU REFS FUCK YOU SO FUCKING HARD Give K-State 1 fucking penalty. JUST ONE and I won’t be so enraged

Running up the score? Okay. We'll remember that. See you guys in Austin.

I think Lake Travis could run the score up on this defense.

well the wife is gonna be pissed I just threw the iphone 50 yards into the lake behind my house

Fuck you Ash for throwing 2 picks in the red zone and fuck you Case for making one of the worst decisions ever with the game on the line. Oh and fuck you too, Mack Brown you worthless fuck, just retire already. You're bleeding the program dry, you did some great things, but those days are long gone. Mack Brown = Bobby Bowden, time to step aside

Fuck me wvu and tcu came into our fucking conf in our house and fucked us

There's more coaching ability in Gary Patterson's armpits than on our whole staff.

"Ill advised" covers about 95 percent of the decisions made in and around this program for the past five years. If not more.

I'd like to give thanks that at least I'm not the one being buttfucked on national television right now.

I think I'll take up heroin.

David Ash injured his ribs and is being evaluated by the medical staff.

Is ribs code for vagina?

havent lost to TCU at home since '67. mack settin all sorts of records

Macks fatass will not retire until he sets every shameful record on the books. I salute his resolve.

God how can we not find a decent QB in three fucking years.

I'm calling it now. If college football ever goes to two-hand touch, we are GOLDEN!

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