Are you ok with losing basketball games for now?

On the eve of the most important Bball game of the year I want to reflect on the suspensions and what they ultimately mean.

Now judging by some of the post in the recent game threads a lot of Alabama Basketball fans are upset by this development. However, as a Bama Basketball fan, I’m actually ok with losing some for now and here is why.

1. Not knowing what the violations are I’m going to assume these guys did something seriously wrong. We might even venture to guess something that is still illegal in Alabama and Louisiana? If that is the case then I think the coach has no choice but to suspend the players. However, even if it was just insubordination, I think a suspension must be handed down. As a person who works with troubled teens, I can tell you we have a major problem with teen discipline in this country. If we never win another game young men need to learn that improper actions have serious consequences. Coaching is more than winning. The real goal is to build men of character.

2. Suspending these guys and taking these losses is the only way Bama will ever win a National Championship in Bball. We are not going to be able to out recruit UK, UNC, Duke etc. We aren’t even going to be able to out recruit UF. But, we can beat them if we get more from less. The only way that can happen is if the guys we do have are 100% into the program. Not saying it will happen, but the suspensions are the only way a Bball National Championship can happen.

3. It will send a message to parents of recruits. We need to send a message that says “send your child to Alabama and they will not turn into thugs, punks, etc.” Here is the question: Do we think that there are still parents of high school super stars that are concerned about the moral development of their children? I think there are some, maybe a minority, but some who do care about character development. A lot of those parent’s kids do end up going to places like Duke. They end up playing 4 years and they end up being pretty good kids when they graduate. We need more of these kind of kids at Alabama. We can’t overtake places like Duke in recruiting, but if we have something more than just the hope of the NBA to offer recruit’s parents we will pull much closer to the “big boys” in recruiting.

4. Finally, Grant wants to win more than we do. If he is willing to take losses and RISK HIS JOB I just figure it must be worth the risk. I just figure that Grant is no dummy and he knows this is the only way to build a team.

By the way, before these suspensions, I was ready to question Grant as coach. But I now feel we have the right man for the job. Give him time. Trust his judgement. It is going to pay off.

Well, what do you think? Are you willing to lose for now or are you totally frustrated with the Bball program?

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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