Alabama 2012 Draft Projections

Let's have a little fun leading up to the draft and try to play God and predict where our guys entering the draft will land. I'm in no way an NFL expert in terms of evaluating team needs, but why not give it a shot to see what teams we'll be cheering for next year.

1st Round

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- RB Trent Richardson. Could easily go 4th overall to Cleveland, but here's to wishful thinking Trent doesn't have to go to the mistake by the lake.

14. Dallas Cowboys- SS Mark Barron. Cowboys have made it pretty clear they are taking the best available Alabama player.

16. New York Jets- DE/LB Courtney Upshaw. He's angry, Rex Ryan is angry, and maybe he can knock out Tebow in practice to spare us the pain of continued Tebow coverage.

20. Tennessee Titans- LB Don'ta Hightower. Tennessee is in desperate need of drafting SEC talent to Nashville to care. They missed out on Peyton, maybe they can draft a Tennessee native to anchor their defense for the next decade.

23. Detroit Lions- CB Dre Kirkpatrick. Detroit is a legitimate pass defense away from being regulars in the NFC playoff picture. Kirkpatrick would be seen as "best available" at this pick.

3rd Round

88. Philadelphia Eagles - CB Dequan Menzie. Must replace Asante Samuel, was extremely solid for Alabama. Could be great nickel back on next level.

93. New England Patriots- NT Josh Chapman. Smaller, but 3rd down replacement for Vince Wilfork.

4th Round

120. Denver Broncos- C William Vlachos. Always has reminded me of Jeff Saturday in terms of leadership and the ability to work with Peyton would be an ideal spot.

125. San Francisco 49ers- WR/KR Marquis Maze. If they had a decent punt returner last year they would have played for a Super Bowl. Might be a reach this early in the draft, but I see Harbaugh willing to take a chance on a tough player like Maze.

6th Round

181. Seattle Seahawks- TE/HB Brad Smelley. Seattle could improve at Tight End with Smelley after a disappointing year from Zach Miller.

183. San Diego Chargers- WR Darius Hanks. Need to replace Vincent Jackson. Hanks would be a major development if he were to ever become an elite receiver, but he is a reliable route runner and could get open for Phillip Rivers.

189. Oakland Raiders- LB Jerrell Harris. Raiders need someone to go hang out with Rolando McClain so he won't come back to Alabama and feel the need to start assaulting people again. Played huge for Alabama in his senior year, hopefully this is a huge late bloomer case instead of a 5-star bust.

7th Round

253. (Mr. Irrelevant) Indianapolis Colts- NT Nick Gentry. Mr. Irrelevant on the 2011 Alabama national championship team that played HUGE in moments.


Brandon Gibson (grad school)

Alex Watkins (motivational speaker/poet)

Chris Underwood

Alfred McCullough

Robby Green (participated in Alabama pro day)

Phelon Jones

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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