Are You a "Gump"?

You may be asking yourself, "What in the world is a Gump?" Well I'm glad you asked. A Gump is a newly coined term referring to the overzealous Bama fan. The name derives from the Universities most prestigious alumnus, Forrest Gump. You may also know the term Bammer. Well thanks to people like the fine folks over at Tower of Bammer and if I may say so...ME, we have taken back the name Bammer and it has been replaced with Gump.

Now, I'm not 100% sure who coined the name Gump or even when it was first used. I first saw it during the 2010 season on the Twitter and it has been picking up traction over the last couple of years.

Back to the original question: Are You A Gump? Before we dig into visual examples let me ask you a few questions.

1. Right now (as in May 1st 4 months before the season starts) not including license plate tags, do you have more than two Alabama decals on your trunk? Do you have more than 4 Alabama decals on your entire car? Flags? Front license plate tag with a matching custom license plate? Is your car crimson?

2. For dudes, how many hounds tooth items do you own?

3. Are your animals and/or children named after the Bear or any other famous Alabama heroes? (My dog is named Bear but because he looked like a Bear as a pup...just sayin)

4. During non Bama games, how many Alabama shirts or gear do you wear at one time?

5. Is ‘Yea Alabama’ your ring tone? God forbid your door bell?

6. Does your twitter handle signify you are a Bama fan?

7. Would you marry an Auburn fan? How would you react if your child became an Auburn fan?

8. Are you capable of criticizing Saban for anything, ever?

9. Would you cry if you met Coach Saban?

10. Do you ask for retweets on twitter from current or ex Alabama players?

11. Do you honestly believe ALL Bama players drafted in the NFL will end up Pro-Bowlers?

12. Do you honestly believe every Bama player (regardless of actual ability) should be or will be drafted?

13. Do you get entirely too defensive over satire of your team?

Ok now for some visual representation Let’s start with a subtle but excellent example:


Aint she purty?


Dude on the left, not the girl on the right.


You may remember these fine people (above) as the Gumps who RAN 100 yards WITH A BABY just to be the first in line to see Saban. Watch the gumpness below.

Yes those are people laughing at them. You should too.

Now this fine gentleman encompasses everything a gump should be. Nipple piercing? CHECK. Possible jean shorts? CHECK. Unkempt beard with what looks like a tattered Bama hat turned around backwards? HELL YEAH CHECK. Tattoo of all Bama Championships with the weird Big Al on his beer belly? CHECK indeed.

To be sure, not all Gumps are the same. Many are just hard working Alabama fans who have let their love of the Crimson Tide overwhelm their lives. Some though have taken their fandom to a whole new level and have become SUPER Gumps. Beware these Gumps for they will do more harm than good.


A "douche Gump". This is a rare but growing in number breed of Gumps. Typically their daily lives aren't gumpesque but their true colors come out whilst drinking and or after Bama wins.


And who could forget the "KING Gump". He is the Gump by which all other Gumps are measured. Seriously this guy can DIAF.

Finally, if you are a Gump or feel yourself becoming a Gump be careful. It's OK to venture into Gumpland every once in a while, like after Bama wins a National Title. But never EVER EVER go full Gump. That's something you never come back from. Roll Tide.

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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