New Military Walk of Honor at UA

I know we have lots of military folks here at RBR, and even more who have a proud military family heritage. I'm a third-generation veteran and have become very involved with the unique community of veterans, service members, dependents, and survivors (VSDS) we have at the University of Alabama. Currently I am the president of the UA Campus Veterans Association, a student organization that seeks to foster the existing community through social events & service opportunities. Additionally, I am a VA student-worker in the newly created Office of Veteran and Military Affairs that is busy processing the nearly 1,500 students who have been accepted to UA and will be using VA benefits this fall.

Many of you may not know about the UA Veterans Center that is currently under construction at the Capstone. What used to be the basement of B.B. Comer will now be a comfortable facility that offers a lounge, computer lab, and one-stop service to address the unique needs of those in our community. As a way to mark the area with distinction, brick pavers will be placed outside the entrance. The Veteran and Military Affairs (VMA) Honor Walk is a way for individuals to support scholarships* for active duty, veterans, dependents, and spouses in all branches of the military. VMA Honor Walk is a way to cement your personal message, honorarium, memorial, or general support of the Capstone.

Pavers for the Veteran and Military Affairs Honor Walk will be located in front of the Veteran and Military Affairs Center in B.B. Comer. Each 8x8 brick will contain five lines with a limit of eighteen characters for each line. Cost for each paver is $200, which is tax deductible. All pavers will be engraved fall 2012.

All text will be centered on the finished paver. Each line may have up to 18 characters. Each letter, digit, space and punctuation mark counts as one character. Characters may include Greek capital letters, numbers, spaces and the following punctuation marks: period, comma, dash, slash, ampersand (&), apostrophe, quotation marks, colon, semicolon, parentheses, question mark and exclamation point.

Please return this form with $200 cash or check made out to the University of Alabama to 355 Ferguson

or mail to:

University of Alabama

ATTN: Alex Karagas

Box: 870292

Tuscaloosa, Al 35487

*My studies are paid for with the Post-9/11 GI Bill, an extensive educational benefit program that covers the cost of tuition, fees, and books while providing a monthly housing stipend. One of the best things about the Post-9/11 GI Bill is that it can be transferred to the children and/or spouse of a veteran for their use. For those of us using it, we don't have much to worry about. However, there are always students who fall through the cracks--some have school remaining after the 36 months of benefits run out, others are splitting the 36 months with multiple siblings, etc.


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