Your 2012 College Football Predictions

With just a few hours before the season kicks off it's once again time to step out on a ledge and get your predictions in. Again, this isn't necessarily the "What's Bama record going to be?" thread though you can use it as such but more of "Who is going to win each conference, who will play in the BCS NC and who will win the Heisman?"

Below are my predictions for the entire season: Each conference winner, BCS NC winner, Heisman winner etc. Of course the whole point is for you guys to follow suit and we'll check back at seasons end and see who was the true "know it all". Here were our predictions for 2011. Some were good...some well DAMN YOU FSU....

2012 Predictions

SEC West

  1. Bama
  2. LSU
  3. Arky
  4. Miss St
  5. Auburn
  6. A&M
  7. Ole Miss

SEC East

  1. USC
  2. UGA
  3. UF
  4. Vandy
  5. Mizzu
  6. UT
  7. UK


Yes I know I'm being a huge homer here but I really thought hard a long about it. In the end, its going to come down to LSU and BAMA..And after looking at both teams I feel Bama has the edge on offense and the defenses are a wash. Our chances at winning the SEC West starts with Arky. We win that and come November we'll be playing our best football. Lose to Arky and all bets are off. IF that happens we'll need LSU to also lose somewhere down the line. If that loss is to Arky then they will win the SEC West. So it's imperative we don't let that happen. My fear is our relative inexperience will hurt us somewhere. Fingers crossed. Obviously, it's the SEC and anything can happen. Lets just hope we don't have a repeat of 2010 with our inexperience costing us 2-3 games.

And before you rip me for picking USC over UGA lets think about that for a second. UGA has had a terrible offseason. They have no running game. Sure Murray should be the best QB in the East but USC's Conner isn't terrible. USC should be pretty good on offense and their defense is always solid. Yes UGA's defense will be better but I just don't see Richt actually living up to expectations.

ACC- link to divisions

Atlantic- FSU

Coastal- Va Tech....

Winner: FSU

DAMN IT IM PICKING FSU AGAIN, WHY?!?!? THEY ALWAYS SCREW ME. But man the ACC is soooooo weak this year if FSU doesn't win the ACC Jimbo needs to pack his bags. I think FSU does lose 2 games they shouldn't (Clemson and UF) but they do just enough to get into the ACC champ game. Beating Va Tech twice will be tough tho.

Big 12- link to team listing


OU is probably the favorite to win the Big 12 by most but I just can't trust them after what happened last year. Landry will be an early favorite to win the Heisman but what about their defense? Something tells me that Mack Brown will pull magic out of his ass and win the Big 12.

B1G- link to divisions

Legends- Michigan

Leaders- Wisconsin (by default since OSU can't win the division due to probation)

Winner- Michigan

The B1G is such a joke this year that Michigan could win with 3-4 losses. Nebraska and Mich St are really their only threats in the Legends division and my god just look at the Leaders...

PAC-12- link to divisions

North- Oregon

South- USC

Winner Oregon

Both teams win their respective divisions easily with USC winning the first meeting between the two but by seasons end USC suffers a few key injuries and Oregon wins the Pac-12 championship game.

Big East

Not gonna lie I have no real clue on who is going to win this pathetic excuse of a conference. I'm leaning towards Pitt but there is no real evidence to support this.

BCS National Title Game

Oregon and Bama

By winning the Pac-12 and with OU and FSU losing early and everyone else starting just too far out of the top 5, Oregon makes their 2nd appearance in the NCG in 3 years. However this isn't Auburn they are meeting this time and they just don't have the fire power to hang with the Bama's interior lines. They'll have more success than LSU did in 2011 but it won't be enough and Bama pulls away late. Bama wins 34-17

Outside shots at the BCS NCG

Michigan- If their only loss is to Bama in the first game of the season and other teams like OU, USC and Oregon lose late in the season, I could see them making their way in.

FSU- Yep I must be drunk but hey there is a chance. They'll need a ton of help by other teams losing and they'll actually have to beat Wake Forrest but it's not impossible.

Heisman- Matt Barkley

I only went this route because I believe ESPN will be slobbering all over USC and they don't want someone from the SEC to win both the NCG and Heisman. I think AJ McCarron gets invited to NY, along with Denard and Landry Jones but Barkley takes home the Trophy.

So these are my predictions..And just like last year if you don't agree Im fine with that..Leave your predictions below and we'll see who's right in January.

Roll Tide!

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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