2012 RBR College Football Pick 'Em



That's right ladies and germs it's that time again. FOOOOOOTBAAAAALLL!!!!! Man I just got excited creating the group. For those who have been around for a while you know the drill. For those of you newbs who have never joined a pick'em league before here's the jist:

Every week you will "pick" from pre-determined games (a mixture of the AP top 25 and SEC games) who you think will win each game. We use the spread which means you'll be guessing based off how many points you think a team will either win or lose by. So if Alabama is favored to beat Auburn by 100 you would automatically choose Alabama to "cover" the spread. If for some odd reason you don't believe Alabama will beat Auburn by 100, you would pick Auburn to beat the spread and automatically hand in your Bama fan card.. It's that easy.

A couple of changes for this season.

1. At the end of the season your 2 lowest scores will be dropped. So this helps those who either forget to pick the games for the week or have a bad bout of pick'em AIDS. I'm giving you two freebies so be happy.

2. Your picks are due 5 minutes before EACH GAME. This also allows you people who always forget to still be able to get a few picks in late. Again, you're welcome.

Join the group HERE

Group Name: RollBamaRoll

Group ID: 4699

Password: letsget15

If the group gets full let me know and I'll create a 2nd group. This has happened almost every year so be prepared. Oh and if y'all could "rec" this a couple of times so it gets stuck that would be awesome.

Thanks and ROLL TIDE!

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