A Guess At Why Blake Sims Is Backup QB

To be honest I was shocked to see Blake Sims playing #2 qb. Actually, I was shocked the guy did not transfer the same time as Phil Sims. Blake has some skills and he could start for a lot of 1-AA team. I don’t think he is NFL materially, but he could play at the lower levels.

At any rate I was shocked to see Blake because logically I would think we would be trying to get Ely ready in case of an injury to AJ because Ely is a drop back passer as was JPW, GMac and AJ.

But, Blake appears to be #2. But why? Well I’ve got a theory which is just my hunch. It is a theory not based on anything I’ve read, but I think it could explain Blake Sims, Backup QB.

I think Blake must have run qb for the scout team in the Michigan game prep. I say that because Blake is the only qb at Bama with a similar skill set as DR. Furthermore I think in scout team duty, acting as DR, the coaches noticed Blake was pretty good at running the Mich. O especially the read option.

I think Blake was so good in fact that the coaches decided to insert a little read option in our play book with Blake running the qb spot. The Drake TD run came off a read option. I have not seen us run that sort of play in a long time.

Well obviously this is all my speculation. But we do now have that play in the current play book. So, what are we doing? Well, for one we just gave everyone one more thing to prep for while prepping for Bama. Secondly, I think Nussy is trying to come up with a plausible offense just in case AJ were to go down. Realistically without AJ, we cannot run the offense we are now running. Put Ely, put Sims, put Morris into our current offense and we have no offense. Our opponents will put 9 in the box and shut down Lacy, Yeldon and company. And none of those guys can throw it well enough from the pocket to make them back off the line.

But, with Blake Sims at qb, and instead of just business as usual, he is running a little read option, and even throwing some on the roll out, as well as running a few of our normal plays we just may be able to piece together an offense that can at least give us a chance against teams like UT and A&M. (I do fear that with no AJ we have no chance against LSU and probably no chance in the SECCG if we got there vs. a decent SC or UGA.)

So that is what I think is going on with Blake Sims at #2 qb. What do you think?

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