Scott Wolf hates Alabama - *NtY*

I was curious as to who the two people were that had us ranked at #2 and saw a familiar name. I felt like Scott Wolf always has us ranked lower than just about every other voter and so I looked into it a little deeper and in the spirit of our biggest rival, I've decided to NEVER YIELD! Or whatever it is they do.


Pre Season: ranked 20th (only 2 voters had us ranked higher) - He had Clemson 10th

Week 1: After the stomping of Clemson he moved us all the way to... 19th (3 voters had us lower)

Week 2: 18th (4 Lower)

Week 3: 17th (2 Lower)

Week 4: 11th (3 Lower)

Weeks 5 - 12: (1st 5 times; 2nd 3 times) In line with others

Week 13: 2nd (63 1st place votes)

Week 14: 2nd (62 1st place votes)


Pre Season: 9th (7 Lower)

Week 1: 5th (2 Lower)

Week 2: 5th (1 Lower)

Week 3: 4th (1 Lower)

Weeks 4 - 13: In line with others except Week 7: 3rd (39 1st Place Votes)

Week 14: After beating Florida - 2nd (58 1st Place Votes)


Pre Season 2nd: (54 1st Place Votes)

Weeks 1-3: 2nd (47, 52, 53 1st Place Votes)

Weeks 10 - Post Season: He totally redeems himself, I guess. He has us ranked higher than most voters.


Pre Season: 3rd (3 Lower)

Weeks 1-3: 4th (2,1,1 Lower)

Week 4: 4th (Lowest)

Weeks 5-7: 3rd (2,3,2 Lower)

Week 8: 3rd (48 2nd Place Votes)

Week 9: 3rd (Lowest)

Weeks 10: 5th (2 Lower)

Week 14: Pre Bowls 3rd (38 2nd Place Votes)

Post Season: 2nd (55 1st Place Votes)


Pre Season: 2nd

Week 1: 2nd (45 1st Place Votes)

Week 2: 2nd (48 1st Place Votes)

Week 3: 2nd (58 1st Place Votes)

Since 2008 He's ranked us 1st - 8 times. (five of those being in 2008 and once after we beat Texas)

Since 2008 He's voted 69 times. He's voted us lower than the vast majority a total of 34 times. It could be more, it was hard to keep count.

Admittedly, I've wasted plenty of my time and some of yours but clearly Scott Wolf is trolling is us. For Five Years! I must tip my cap to that kind of dedication. However we must not Yield, it's in our fight song or creed or something, I don't know, I spend too much time at REC meetings and sidewalk graduation ceremonies.

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