CT4's Cheering Guidelines

I started to put this as a comment on Nico's "What to Watch" post, but then I figured WTH, might as well make it a separate post... even though it's all been discussed before. Hope you guys are kewel with that!

I know some of you will disagree, but here's the order in which I chose my cheering allegiances. I don't bet on games, so I always try to pick a team to cheer for to make the games more interesting to watch. The general rule is just cheer for whatever helps Bama, but this is how I think that breaks down.

The higher up lines take precedence over anything lower down...

1. Alabama
Roll Tide!

2. Whoever is playing against AU, UT, and ND
Because f*** those guys.

3. SEC West
Helps Alabama’s SOS.

4. SEC East teams that we play against
This year that list only includes Missouri, because our only other East opponent is UT, and f*** those guys.

5. SEC
Helps our SOS.

6. Any SEC West team playing against ATM or Mizzou
Just for this season, because I don’t want it to look like transitioning from B12 to SEC is easy. But #3 and #4 already have me cheering for Mizzou and ATM against SEC East teams.

7. Other Alabama opponents
Again, makes Alabama's schedule look better.

8. Cheer for other top teams to lose.
Gives Alabama more breathing room to get to the NCG just in case we trip up, like last year. F*** USC, Oklahoma, Oregon, and FSU.

9. Whoever is playing Boise
I don’t like smurfs.

10. Non-BCS over BCS
Because f*** the other "power" conferences.

11. ACC and Big East
See #10.

12. Big 12
Ahead of the P12 and B1G.

13. PAC 12
F*** the "morally and academically superior, but we oversigned our conference and now we can't count how many schools we have" Big Ten.

14. When all else fails, cheer for the underdog.
Generally for in-conference games.

Using these guidelines, this weekend I'll be cheering for:

  • MSU over AU. F*** AU.
  • ATM over UF. I'm a little tempted to move Rule 6 up to cheer against ATM in their first SEC game, but I guess I won't.
  • LSU over Washington
  • Mizzou over UGa. Also would just be fun to laugh at UGa. And I do think this will happen.
  • USA over Jamaica. If I have to. USA is like the SEC, right?

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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