Unofficial New Year's Day Bowl Thread

Happy 2013! Screw the Mayans, we are alive and well and it's bowl season.

For me, bowl season starts when the SEC starts playing. This season, it started yesterday.

MUSIC CITY: Vandy had a solid 38-24 win over NC State giving the 'Dores their first 9-win season since 1915, the year Lou Holtz was born.

SUN: Karma has been calling in all USC's notes lately and it is good TV. Georgia Tech with a record of 6-7, yes that's right 6-7, went into the Sun Bowl and manhandled Kiffin and the Trojans 21-7 putting another nail in Kiffin's coffin.

CHICK-FIL-A: LSU's Les Miles has another classic time clock mismanagement moment calling three straight passing plays up by 2 and 2:47 left and a fresh running back in Jeremy Hill who has 124 yards on only 12 carries. Clemson was able to use all three of their timeouts on the winning drive, 25-24.

But on to today's games:

GATOR: Mississippi State 20 vs. Northwestern 34, Final - Tyler Russell with 3 first half INT, but MSU turns it around with 13 unanswered points. MSU comes out flat in the 2nd half, NW scores the next 14. Russell another INT at his own 15 leads to NW TD another 14-pt lead. NW's 2nd bowl win ever (1949). Dawgs lose 5 of last 6 this season. Terrible effort by MSU but give the Wildcats credit, they came to play and had a solid game.

HEART OF DALLAS: Purdue 14 vs. Oklahoma State 58, Final - awful.

CAPITAL ONE: Georgia 45 vs. Nebraska 31, Final - UGA blocks a punt for safety. Pick-6 for Nebraska - 14 points in less than a minute. UGA answers 75-yd TD pass. Gurley 24-yd TD. 17 unanswered pts by the 'Huskers for 31-23 lead. UGA answers with a 49-yd TD pass. Nice pass-n-catch puts UGA up by 7. A short pass to Conley turned into an 87-yd TD. UN drive ends in INT. Dawgs bleed the clock, Martinez has nothing left. Murray 18/33 427-5-2. Gurley 23-125-1. Burkhead 24-140-1

OUTBACK: South Carolina 33 vs. Michigan 28, Final - 56 yard TD pass on the third play. 62-yd kickoff return for TD by SC. Denard playing WR/RB. Spurrier playing musical QBs. SC misses a 34-yd FG. 52-yd FG from UM. Clowney with 2 offsides penalties. Mich TD, fails on 2-pt conversion. Michigan blocks a 33-yd FG. Clowney with a game-changing hit and fumble recovery. Next play 31-yd TD pass to Ace Sanders. Michigan shreds the SC D to retake the lead, 2-pt conv. fails. Gamecocks convert a 4th down with 1:25 left. Sanders and Connor Shaw both injured on same play. Dylan Thompson takes a big hit, throws winning TD pass with 11 seconds left. Shaw 96 yds rushing. The rest of the team -11. Denard Robinson 23-100 rushing.

ROSE: Wisconsin 14 vs. Stanford 20, Final – Not the most exciting of games. Some might say it was a tough defensive game but the offenses were pretty inept in the second half. Appropriately named the "Granddaddy of them all" because only Granddaddys think this bowl is still relevant. ESPN can NOT stop gushing over Barry Alvarez and he loves it. Might he return to the sidelines full time?

ORANGE: Northern Illinois 10 vs. Florida State 31, Final – I'm torn here. On one hand FSU (-14) needs to lose, so that they'll quit creeping into our back yard looking for recruits AND so the ACC shuts up. On the other hand, we can't let these little B.S. teams with their weak conferences and weak schedules keep winning games like this one.

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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