Anyone else not going to be watching the game?

I'm sure all of you will be watching and some of you may even be there, but I won't be. Now it's not because I'll be volunteering at some shelter or in Haiti or east Asia circumcising everyone. It's because I can't handle the stress of this game. I wrote a bunch of mindless shit below you can read through if you want, but the fact is losing to ND would hurt more than any loss I've ever endured. Hearing the pain from the older Alabama fans that suffered in the 70's make's me feel as if losing this one game will wash away all that Saban has done, I know it won't, but i think it will. If I don't watch, I won't be a part of it. I won't suffer.

(OP Note: Please spare me comments below telling me why I am nuts, an idiot, a pussy, a bad fan, or other remarks regarding my sanity, fandom, or other hateful items. I know I am. This is not a discussion about how I feel with the hopes that some up and coming Psych soon to be PhD can tell me why I'm acting this way or why Saban is great, I suck and should turn in my fan card. I'm telling you why I won't be watching and why I can't handle the stress.)

I'm terrified of losing. Hence why I was crucified for saying I would rather lose to UGA than to ND. Losing to UGA would have stifled the blow of losing to ND. It would have meant we had a good season, not very good or great. Disappointing to be sure, but not soul crushing, (again for me, not you, please don't attempt to convince me otherwise). Losing to ND , to me, is the equivalent of being murdered and living on as a zombie. Sure your alive, but what's the point.

A loss like this is a loss fans don't get over, see ND 1973. This win, as far as I'm concerned can right almost all of the wrongs Alabama football has had in it's existence. Nick Saban alone has corrected most of these, especially recent issues.

UT's dominance ended as Saban is 6-0 against them. It may not make up for Manning in 97 or UT paying Tee 98, but it does help when we've won 2 NC and they lose the way they did in 09 on our way to a NC. When I was Alabama we went 2-3 against UT. If Simeon Castille ran better than a 5.5 40, we would have been 3-2, but I digress.

Fans of UT won't get over these losses for at least a decade.

AU also had a streak against us and managed to steal a NC in 10. Saban bookends their first NC in 50+ years with a pair for us. Also beating them 36-0, 49-0 and breaking their heart in 09 was ok too.

Their time in the limelight was shorter than Terry Bowden. Again it will take at least a decade for them to recover and another 50 to win another NC.

Our two biggest rivals squashed. Both now is disarray.

LSU thinks they are the new standard bearer for the SEC and Alabama's time has passed. We crush their greatest season ever with a shut out in the NC and then break their heart this year all with the best coach they ever had on our sideline.

LSU fans may never recover unless we meet again in the NC game and the must win.

He also kept running our streak of winning the SEC every decade since the 1920's.

He get's us our first Heisman winner.

Texas was a team we had never beaten and Coach Bryant had a tough time with. We got robbed in the 65 OB and got payback in 2009. We knocked out their golden boy QB.

Texas has not been the same since, they have been downright terrible. No Alabama fan cares about the record between the two teams because we beat them when it mattered for all the marbles, finally.

And now we get to ND. We have one win against them in a meaningless game in the 80's. It wasn't for all the marbles. Not like in 73 or 74. It might as well have never happened.

Beating ND, to me, would right all those wrongs. It would shut up those fucking domer yankee assholes. It would settle the score for 73. Nothing would be hanging over Alabama's head anymore. Sure we might not have a winning record against everyone, but when the games mattered most, we beat those teams.

I don't talk football with people because I can't handle stupidity, be it mine or from the idiot I'm talking to. I don't talk football with other fans of other teams. I talk football with my father and that's about it. But having to sit through a fucking Christmas with the one Auburn fan in the family, her asshole florida fan husband wearing a ND shirt and hearing her parents (who name their firstborn after coach Bryant and be at the 73 and 74 game) slob on ND, begin wearing ND shit and badmouth how UA runs their program has made me lose my mind.

I went to the fewest Alabama games this year since before I started school in 2003. I have tried to maintain more balance in my life. I moved to Atlanta. It has not helped. I even turned down tickets cheaper than I paid for the NC last year. Why? because while this is a dream scenario, Alabama v. ND for all the marbles, I know that if ND were to win, I would never recover. Ever. It would affect my life permanently in a negative way. The only way I know to avoid this let down it not to watch.

Sure, winning will not be as sweet for me, may not be sweet at all if I don't watch, but I'm saving a life by not watching, my own.

And yes I know I'm taking it too serious, but I've yet to pee in a shirt.

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