The Jumbo Package | 1.3.13 (The Lucky Date)

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Sorry this is so late in the day. I'm not planning on doing this too much longer; please RBR mods don't abandon us!! Also, I wanted to add a snazzy picture of the team getting off the plane, but's photo album hates me. :(

Roll Call: Alabama reserve OL Arie Koundjio doing fine after bout with dehydration; TE Harrison Jones will join team Thursday |
After practicing earlier in the day and flying with the team from Tuscaloosa, reserve offensive lineman Arie Kouandjio was promptly treated for dehydration and is doing fine, an Alabama spokesman said.

'Feels good, ready to roll,' Tide's Barrett Jones says of his foot |
"Aw, he’s like my brother, man," Warmack said when asked if it’s good to have his fellow captain back. "I was actually talking to him before I went to sleep on the plane. I’m just happy for him to be back. He’s practicing with us, and he’s doing a really good job right now."

Nick Saban returns to Miami; now see and hear the Alabama coach's first words |
The second time, he said, "You know? I made my comments about all that. We all learn things about ourselves as we go Some things we all we like to do differently. I don't really think its worth the analyzation of what I would have done. I just think we all make mistakes and would like to do things differently. You know, you don't get the opportunity to get it back. "We said what we have to say about it. Now we're happy to be here, and we're focused on the opportunity that we have in this game with out team."

Alabama left guard Chance Warmack 'blessed to play for another championship' (video) |
"We prepare just like it's another game. We're focused on trying to be successful in this game and that's all we came here to do." The moment just won't be entirely lost on Warmack, who will gun for his third national championship when he wraps up his Alabama career Monday at Sun Life Stadium against Notre Dame. "It's a blessing. It's a blessing to be here. It's a blessing to play for another championship. We're playing against a good opponents. I'm just happy to be here and my teammates are happy to be here."

How much does Tide's edge in BCS experience matter? 'I can't answer that,' Nick Saban says |
"A great defensive team, a great front seven, they've got great size, they're very physical, very similar to how we try to build our team," Saban said. "Offensively, they have some really difficult mismatch players. A great tight end, a really good runner who used to be a receiver that they utilize extremely well. The quarterback is playing great for them. Their coaches do a great job of getting the ball to the right people. "They have great team chemistry and play well together, so this is going to be a very challenging game, no doubt."

Alabama rivals Notre Dame in mixing faith and football |
So who does God support in the Jan. 7 National Championship game? "I don’t think God’s on the side of either one," Stallings said. "He’s got a lot more things to concern himself with than who wins a football game."

Alabama's uniforms get a few tweaks from Nike for BCS National Championship |
Though there are a few differences, the backbone of Alabama's look is essentially the same as it always is. That wasn't by accident. "The white-on-white look, embellished with crimson accents, creates the iconic, bold silhouette for which the Tide is famous," Nike writes.

Alabama practice report: Day 1, on-site BCS Championship Game preparation |
-- C Barrett Jones appeared to be full go during today's viewing session. Neither Don nor I saw much sign of limping. With temperatures hovering in the low 80s, today will serve as an important day for Jones from a conditioning standpoint.
-- WR Kenny Bell was in a black, non-contact jersey but was able to do more than when we last got a look at him. He was limping a bit, but not as heavily as last week. After making a catch, AJ McCarron yelled excitedly after Bell made a catch on a long throw.

and etc...
'I still got some things to do at the University of Alabama,' says 5th-year senior Damion Square |
Alabama-Notre Dame Pop Culture Championship, Round 2: Jim Nabors vs. George Wendt (poll, video) |
UA giving students chance to volunteer in Tuscaloosa, Miami before BCS game |
Alabama center Barrett Jones says the experience factor might be 'overplayed' (video) |
Alabama DB commit Maurice Smith holding his own against nation's top receivers (video) |
commentsFive-star DT Montravius Adams talks upcoming visits to Tuscaloosa, Auburn (video) |

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