Putting South Bend On The Map

No, I am not talking about what might happen should Notre Dame win the BCS Title game. I am talking about the prevailing theme from the Irish faithful that this game represents a contrast in Urbane Sophistication versus Rural Hee-Haw Rejects. (Golden Domers vs. Mobile Homers? Really?)

So let's see what the map tells us about South Bend, Indiana.


First, we locate Chicago on the map. Off to the east, you find the suburb of Gary, Indiana – known as the birthplace of the Jackson Five, and for being one of the most run-down hell-holes one could imagine, if one was unaware of modern-day Detroit. South Bend is about 30 minutes to the east of East Gary, and you have to go through a town called "Rolling Prairie" to get there. That is, if you’re not drawn to the cultural mecca that is Potato Creek State Park, just to the southwest of town.

So much for city-slicker high life there.

Now, let's see what we can learn from the campus itself.


In more urban centers, Catholic churches used stained glass to convey key moments of biblical history, such as the stations of the cross. However, Notre Dame has carved their art out of the very earth. Notice how the story of Jesus’ virgin birth is encapsulated in the northwest portion of campus, as Saint Joseph’s Lake and Saint Mary’s Lake never actually touch each other.

I seriously doubt that Southeastern Lake and Pond Management has ever risen to such a challenge. To tell the story of The Gospel in bodies of water? There is nothing more redneck than that. We tip our hats to you, you wily rural Catholics!

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