Johnny Manziel's Voodoo Connection

When you watch Johnny Manziel on the football field you think this has to be the luckiest guy to ever play the game. Then when you see him off the field, totally escaping NCAA and even aTm sanctions you have to begin to wonder, is Johnny just that good or is there something else working?

Now I have no proof but there are some weird things going on in regards to Manziel that do cause you to wonder.

To understand this I think you have to go back and discover a bit of the background of Johnny Manziel. Johnny Manziel’s great-great grandfather was a Syrian. He came to the US in the early part of the last century. Interestingly, of all the places he could have settled, he ended up in the Voodoo capital of America...Louisiana...near Baton Rogue to be exact.

Now I have no proof of this but it seems from the records that the original Manziels may have been heavily into Middle-Eastern astrology. The only thing that makes me think that is that Johnny’s great-grandfather was named Esahiah, which is one of the 147 oyinim (eyes) in the seven wheels of Middle-Eastern astrology, (it is actually eye #59.) Now in America Esahiah’s name was quickly changed to Bobby Joe. But, did the family abandon it’s astrological roots as quickly, or did they perhaps merge their astrological background with a little Louisiana Voodoo? Well, we do know that Bobby Joe, Johnny’s Great Grandfather did marry an LSU coed who was also from Syria. And by the way, there is no doubt that Johnny has an attraction to Louisiana. When he was arrested in 2012 he had a fake drivers license on him and it was a Louisiana drivers license. Furthermore his exploits in New Orleans are well known.

And in case you are wondering, while everyone knows that Syria is a Muslim country, that is just in the last two millennium. But, before Islam, Syrian culture was heavily into astrology and other pagan practices. There are a lot of similarities between the practices of the ancient Syrians and African Voodoo, which is now (in this country) centered around the New Orleans-Baton Rogue area.

Well, Esahiah Manziel, left Louisiana flat broke in the 30's and traveled to East Texas. Esahiah, who had done some prize fighting was able to convince Jack Dempsey to partner with him and invest $400 dollars in a wildcat oil speculation. Dempsey was also a friend of mystic Harry Houdini, so who knows how much mysticism was involved in this venture. At any rate Manziel, who knew nothing about the oil business, convinced a small black church to surrender their mineral rights to him and allow him to drill for oil on their property. The odds of such a venture being successful, even in Texas, are astronomical. But, being lead by who knows what Esahiah (Bobby Joe), who had enough money for just one drilling hit oil, big oil.

In my mind this "luck" could either be just that, a 1 in million shot, or something else involving Voodoo and astrological forces at work. At any rate this miracle oil hit was the source of the Manzeil family fortune.

So the oil family settled in Tyler where they have lived a very sketchy and shady existence continually in trouble with the law. In fact it was so bad that Johnny’s dad moved the family out of Tyler just to get way from the family name. Interestingly John Paul Manziel, Johnny’s dad, was born on 12-6-66. Obviously John Paul, by his date of birth, is associated with the number 666, which in Biblical references refers to evil/the anti-Christ. Amazingly Johnny was born on his dads birthday (Dec. 6) twenty SIX years later. Astrologically speaking they are a perfect match. Draw your own conclusions.

Just a few other interesting "coincidents." Johnny was born within 24 hours of Alabama winning the first SECCG. Was he "sent" to change the dynamic of the SEC that had been built by Bama? Johnny won the Heisman on 12-8-12 which was within a 12 day cycle of the end of the Mayan long count calendar. The Mayan’s were the astrologers of the new world. Is Manziel’s ascension symbolic of the end of the old and beginning of new era in football. Also on the day Manziel was born the Babri Mosque was destroyed by a mass riot in India setting of great unrest in the country for the past two decades. Was Manziel "destined" to be born on such a symbolically horrific day for the sub-continent? Finally if you add up the letters in Manziel’s full name (Jonathan Paul Manziel) you get 213. Add those number together you get 6. SIX, which is the imperfect number, the incomplete number, the most evil number, recurs over and over again in the life of Johnny Manziel.

Draw your own conclusions, but it is amazing some of the "lucky" things Manziel has done. Thankfully, he was only able to put 6 touchdowns on us. We put up the perfect number, 7. Sort of good triumphs evil if you ask me.

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