Mr. Crimson: 2013 Wk 5

Things are starting to look more complete. I started applying some parameters around how many points a team could count when it beats another (to keep teams that are obviously mediocre from counting points against weak FCS competition putting them higher up the polls than they should be). I also disregarded everyone's weakest score (because if you're gonna be given zero points for playing a really bad FCS team one week, it shouldn't affect your score if you've been beating the crap out of everyone else otherwise).

Anyway, here's the Top 25 for Week 5:

1) Oregon (4-0)- Mark Helfrich- SOS-wise, these guys are still in warm-up mode, but they've basically been laying waste to everyone in their path, which is what happens when you run over twigs. Are they driving a suped up 4-wheeler or a bushhog? The Washington, UCLA, and Stanford games will tell us ALL about it. Points: 55.88.

2) Baylor (3-0)- Art Briles- Has played even lesser teams than Oregon. The WVU game should look like what Maryland did to them, but if it doesn't, don't bet on Baylor down the stretch. Points: 50.77

3) Maryland (4-0)- Randy Edsall- UConn went into utter beast mode for a couple of weeks there giving Maryland and Michigan utter nightmare fuel, but Maryland put the train back on the tracks in a big way against WVU. The FSU game is gonna interesting. Points: 48.95

tie) UCLA (3-0)- Jim Mora- They should be undefeated against Stanford and it really depends on which Stanford team this season shows up. You can't spot Stanford 3 touchdowns and then come back to destroy. Stanford's defense don't play like that. Points: 48.95

5)FSU (4-0)- Jimbo Fisher- FSU got caught looking ahead to what could be a double-tap assassination, and while they were never in any danger, they did look unsurprisingly mortal againt Boston College. They've got Maryland and Clemson back to back. Watch them wade through both with ease before losing to NC State. Points: 47.97

6) Alabama (4-0)- Nick Saban- We're not quite alite at the moment, and who knows how we'd look against the teams above us, but we're definitely Top 10 material now, and that's a sigh of relief with A&M and Ole Miss behind us. Points: 47.67

7) Stanford (4-0)- David Shaw- They started off molasses-like against San Jose St and Army, but have come into their own and looked pretty good against ASU and WSU. How they might look against Arizona and Washington is perhaps another matter. They won't be playing Arizona, but they will be playing the only team that's beat them thus far (hint: it's Washington). Points: 46.04

8) Washington (4-0)- Steven Sarkisian- This week's upcoming matchup between Stanford and Washington should be epic. If it's not, I've apparently been wasting my time with this ranking system. (well, if Stanford wins as expected; if Washington creams Stanford, I'll feel pretty vindicated); and Washington's so far played the tougher schedule. Points: 45.31

9) Arizona (3-1)- Rich Rodriguez- Yeah, my system favors the PAC-12 the way voters have been favoring the SEC. I don't necessarily think the SEC is bad, but I do think it's overrated this year and has a too much youth on the defensive (I also feel this will be the reason Alabama survives with the offensive line it has: do I think our line is bad? No. I think it's incredibly unconfident and whiffing under the pressures of following up what everybody called "the greatest offensive line in the history of everything" (which it wasn't, it was simply a really solid and very confident unit with lots of experience under its belt that could at times play like the greatest unit in the history of ever when it had to). Points: 44.45

10) Oklahoma (4-0)- Bob Stoops- Now the Big 12 and the B1G. Those guys are overrated. Points: 44.39

11) Louisville (4-0)- Charlie Strong- But not as overrated as Louisville. They've got Rutgers and UCF coming up. Unless Houston ends up being the real deal (play someone, Houston, seriously), this back-to-back battle royale will be closest anyone comes to dethroning the Louisville express. Points: 43.74.

12) Texas A&M (4-1)- Kevin Sumlin- I bet A&M really hates not having a defense. Points: 41.13.

13) Georgia (3-1)-Mark Richt- I've never seen a team that relied so much on home-field advantage as this unit does this year. They were as clutch at home this past week against LSU as Clemson was playing them on Tiger turf in South Carolina. Points: 41.05.

14) LSU (4-1)- Les Miles- They had time to get into field goal range and tie the game up, but Mettenberger, like Aaron Murray, sometimes waffles under pressure. I will admit, that is one thing that definitely would not be said about AJ McCarron, no matter how human he sometimes looks out there. Points: 40.90

15) Clemson (4-0)- Dabo Sweeney- Yeah, they beat Georgia, but whereas Georgia went on to play South Carolina and LSU and 2-1 in high profile games, Clemson's still talking about how they beat Georgia whilst playing Wake Forest, NC State, and some FCS team from South Carolina. Points: 40.50

16) Penn St (3-1)- Bill O'Brien- I'm thinking Penn St remains a solid Top 25, but will probably lose 1 or 2 more? To who? Oh, I dunno. Not Michigan. Points: 40.46.

17) Texas Tech (4-0)- Kliff Kingsbury- Kliffy's doing a solid job with Tech, though the schedule has been helping him a bit. He won't get seriously challenged till around Halloween. Points: 39.51

18) UCF (3-1)- Beat Penn St. Climb up the poll. Get beat by South Carolina? Fall back down it. These teams are difficult to pin down because they don't have the identity a team like Alabama has. Even when they're really good, sometimes they don't realize it until they very nearly beat that South Carolina team they thought they didn't have a chance against. Points: 38.43

19) Missouri (4-0)- Gary Pinkel- Missouri won't play a real team until they face Georgia in a couple of weeks. Thems the breaks, but they've looked much better than last year. Probably an 8-5, but you never know. Points: 38.21

20) Ohio State (5-0)- Urban Meyer- Ohio State wins one against Wisconsin and thinks they're championship material. So so wrong about that, Ohio St. Points: 37.87.

21) Northwestern (4-0)- Pat Fitzgerald- I personally think Iowa has a better chance of beating Ohio State than Northwestern, who's toughest opponent so far has been Syracuse, and who let FCS Maine drop 3 touchdowns on them last week. You never know, though. Points: 37.13.

22) Florida (3-1)- Will Muschamp- I think if Florida and Miami had a rematch this week, Florida would win by a couple of touchdowns. They've done nothing but improve since looking like a dumpster fire against the Hurricanes. Oh, and Driskel's gone, so that helps. The Hurricanes, meanwhile, have played absolutely no one since that game. Points: 36.72

23) Navy (2-1)- Ken Niamotalolo- Navy really hasn't played enough games yet. But they are where they are. Points: 36.48.

24) OSU (3-1)- Mike Gundy- It always makes me giggle whenever Oklahoma State loses a game it shouldn't. Losing to West Virginia on this particular year, is definitely a game they shouldn't have lost. Points: 36.36.

25) ECU (3-1)- Ruffin McNeill- Their only lose is to Virginia Tech (who can't help themselves out by doing nothing but beating every team they play by less than a touchdown... well, not every team). ECU destroyed UNC in ways South Carolina absolutely did not, if that tells you why South Carolina isn't here. Points: 36.22.

Okay, here's our opponents and fellow conference representatives: 27) Auburn (3-1)- Gus Malzahn. Points: 35.65. on a bye week licking their wounds from the LSU game before playing Ole Miss.

38) MSU (2-2)- Dan Mullen. Points: 33.62. also on a bye week after destroying Troy 62-7, getting ready for LSU. Well, trying to, I guess.

41) Virginia Tech (4-1)- Frank Beamer. Points: 33.32. Won their last three games by a combined 20 points. But they are winning!

43) Ole Miss (3-1)- Hugh Freeze. Points: 33.13. So, you play Alabama and instead of playing for field positions or easy 3s, you go for it on 4th... okay.

50) South Carolina (3-1)- Steve Spurrier. Points: 32.86. They've looked very vulnerable against Vanderbilt and UCF. They've got Arkansas, Kentucky, and Tennessee to practice on before facing Missouri.

61) Arkansas (3-2)- Brett Bielema. Points: 30.51. They really are much better than they were last year. They only need one more win to tie 2012's win total!

64) Vanderbilt (3-2)- James Franklin. Points: 29.83. It'll be interesting to see how they compete with Missouri this week.

71) Tennessee (3-2)- Butch Jones. Points: 27.63. They have to count the points from the Oregon loss because they already played Austin Peay. Hurts, doesn't it?

83) CSU (2-3)- Jim McElwain. Points: 25.06. How we play against Tennessee will be how we would have played against CSU if we didn't handicap ourselves for the sake raising CSU's self-esteem. They won a shoot-out against UTEP, so it worked. This team could easily be 5-3 when they play Boise St.

87) Kentucky (1-3)- Mark Stoops. Points: 23.75. Kentucky is a dumpster fire. Doo-dah. Doo-dah. I'm sure they're thrilled they got to play the worst team in FBS so they could at least have a W going into the final stretch (note: Miami Ohio (or MiamoH) is the worst team in FBS right now with... oh never mind, I forgot about UMass... 2nd worst with 9.25 points. UMass has 8.99.)

FCS Chattanooga (2-2). I have to place them ahead of Georgia St because they took Georgia St to the woodshed 42-14. They're who we practice on before playing Auburn.

122) Georgia St (0-4)- Trent Miles. Points: 11.60. Their schedule hasn't even been difficult either. They've been thrashed by three FCS opponents and a less than stellar West Virginia squad. We could start our third string against these boys and have him 35-0 before halftime. Okay, I'm being mean. They only lost by 10 to Samford and they really gave it their all against Jacksonville State, only losing by 6. But still, let's not kid ourselves here. When you have 3 tries against FCS opponents and go 0-3, you suck baaad.

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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