The Terrible Truth About the Razorbacks

So a week or two ago I headed to northern Arkansas to see a buddy of mine who lives in the mountains there. It was a wonderful opportunity to get out of the city for a bit and see some of the beautiful outdoors. While poking around his bookshelves I found this fascinating little tome.


Reading through it I found a chapter where the author notes there is a city in Arkansas named Huntsville and, like the city in Alabama, it is also located in a Madison County. He did some digging and found that, in fact, there was a connection between the two. It seems that in 1827 a group of settlers had come from Alabama to settle in Arkansas and named the city and county from where they had come from.

Now these sounded like some fascinating folks and I daresay I wished to learn more about them. So cranking up ole GoogleMaps I set my sights on the state of Arkansas. And there, up there in the top left of the state, is the home of the Razorbacks -- Fayetteville.


Zooming in a little we see there is Huntsville just a bit to the east as Mr. Deane promised. It lies less than thirty miles from Fayetteville on State Highway 45 , also known as Bowen Road.


Being curious what kind of place this may be I zoomed in a bit more.


It seemed to be a delightful Ozark hamlet. I imagined a quaint village where folkways of the past are alive today in the song and customs of the people. And there is a whimsical creek running nearby. "What might its name be?" I wondered.


Oh no...

Arky005_medium couldn't be...



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