Embarrassing Admission and Hoodoo A Little Early.

Sorry to post this early but in the morning I’m taking off for the mountains and won’t be able to do anything on the net until late Friday night and I am very afraid of LSU so I wanted to get this out there.

Now, to begin with you need to understand I’m old and my parents are old school. When I was growing up my dad tried to parent me sort of like Bear Bryant would discipline his team. Not complaining, I think in my case it was probably needed.

Now when I met my wife, due to us living most of our courtship in different cities 500 miles apart we never dated. What we did was write letters. In fact I got a letter a day from her for over a year. That was back when it meant something to hand write someone a real letter and mail it.

At any rate partly because we were apart and partly because we were committed to not being physical before marriage we never really did much of the "stuff" that young people in "love" do when they are first getting to know each other. In fact when we got married we knew very little of each other from a purely physical/biological perspective.

Thus we decided since we had never done much exploring before marriage we needed to do so after marriage. Thirty-four years later, well we are still making up for lost time. This is not the embarrassing part, just the background.

Well, after being married about 5 years (I was probably 31) my wife and I (still without kids at this time) were visiting my parents and staying in their home/my childhood home sort of a mini vacation/family reunion. We were there for a week and my brother and his wife were also there. One night the wife and I decided to go to the movies. We asked all the others, but none of them wanted to go with us. After the movie, it was about 10 pm, we decided it might be fun to go and park our car on a dark lonely road. It was.

So then we arrive back home at around 2am. I’ve got a key so no problem. I mean this is my house. Well, as I unlocked the door, there is my dad standing in the foyer. Now he usually went to bed about 10pm and he had to go to work the next day. And as soon as we get in the house he starts in on us for being late.

"What time did the movie end"?

"I don’t know around 10?"

"Where have you been?"

"Just around?"

"Around, doing what?"

Ok as you can see this conversation is not going where I want it to go. Finally I just said, "Hey we are married."

"Well, that may be true but this is my house. We have a curfew at this house of midnight and you know that. For the rest of your stay I want you two in this house by 8pm."

"You putting us on restriction?"

"Call it what you want, just be in this house by 8. I am not running a hotel here. But if you need one of those there is one right down the street."

Well, it sounds funny but my dad was not kidding. I was on restriction at age 31. Probably the oldest person ever put on restriction in America.

And, it is embarrassing enough being put on restriction at age 31 but it got worse. As I said my little brother and his wife were also visiting my parents at the time. And, although my parents house is pretty large, from their bedroom my brother and sister-in-law heard the whole thing, unbeknown to me. The next day my brother said something like "Hey you guys want to go bowling tonight? Oh wait, I forgot, your on restriction."

To this day he kids me about this always asking, "Just what were you two doing at 2 am?" And of course as my wife and I had kids, and those kids got to be teens, my brother told them about the night their parents got in trouble for parking. Now that is embarrassing.

By the way, I do think we will win Sat. As many of you know I discovered that Les Miles (probably unknown to him) has many voodoo connections and one of those connections is a strange affinity to his old uniform number, 72. As of right now Miles all time winning percentage is 73%. However with a loss on Sat., Miles percentage will drop to 72% (and change.) The Miles record shows his percentage had gotten too high as he approached the 2011 NCG. But since that loss he has been moving steadily back towards 72 where he belongs. I predict Sat. he completes the cycle.

Sat. also lines up as a pretty good day for Alabama because we are playing our 9th game, on the 9th day of the 9th month. I know, I know Nov. is the 11th month, but the name "November" actually means NINE. And, November was originally the ninth month until the calendar was foolishly changed sometime in the 7th century BC.

But what does all this Nine stuff have to do with Alabama? Well 9 has been seen as number related to good fortune. A cat has nine lives because he is lucky. It is also a perfect square which also implies perfection . If you play your 9th on the 9th of the 9th you have 3 times perfection. And, wouldn’t you know it, this year Alabama is going for a 3 peat.

By the way it is LSU’s 10th game so they receive no positive hoodoo for playing their 10th game on the 9th. In fact playing 10 on 9 is in a way going backwards which is what is going to happen to LSU (hopefully) on Sat.

Roll Tide

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