Life Goes On Random 10

Sorry, I have been missing for the season but my work has me traveling all the time to countries where drinking water and electricity is more of a priority than internet access. When I do get access I pop on to Facebook and RBR. I can’t thank enough the ladies and gents who write for this site and the fans who comment. When I need my Bama fix RBR is the only place I choose to go. ESPN and Fox are annoying and I just straight up want to punch the writers for in the face.

So we lost….What are my opinions on it?…you probably don’t care but since I have been constantly assaulted by Barners (there seem to be a whole lot of them around now) and other fan bases just so they can gloat in the misery of the mighty Crimson Tide falling. You will get my feelings on the subject.

My opinion on the game…..please refer to the articles written by our own RBR writers. They took the time to relive the memory and take apart the game like I do when I rebuild a Pontiac 400 Big Block.

My opinion on the coaching…doesn’t matter…I didn’t agree with some of the play calling but I would reinstall the wishbone offense, (I have gone undefeated with it on NCAA 2013), so my critique is invalid. Plus, everybody is the perfect college coach on Sunday morning. This statement holds true for armchair QB’s too.

My opinion on Cade…eff the fans who called in death threats and booed him…he had a bad day. Trust me no one is taking this loss worse than he is.

My opinion on fan apathy….back in 2010 I made a comment during a game thread and Lil Sis comment pimp slapped me (I deserved it). I got that apathy after one NC. Since then I have tried to keep it in check. I remember the times of darkness when I would have killed for an 11-1 season and since RBR loves statistics so much you know the odds to favor even how much we have won so far is astronomical.

My opinion and theory on Harvey Updyke…He is either a waste of human genetic material or he is a plant by Auburn. I figure Auburn had him poison the trees so that everyone would stop looking at the Cam case and other NCAA infractions. Blaming Bama ups the anti and gives Barners the perfect example of the worst kind of Alabama fan to be created….excuse me black helicopters are circling my room….and there is this dull hum coming from somewhere.

My allegiance to the SEC….really none….I am tried and true to Bama only. I could never pull for the Barn, LSU, or the Viles. Other than Ole Miss, Kentucky, and Vandy, I don’t see me pulling for another SEC team. I will tell the truth and say if Bama can’t have it. I want FSU to have it.

My reaction after the game…shock, and couldn’t sleep or eat for 2 days. Yes, I put my whole heart into the game and supporting our team that makes the victories sweeter and the losses harder. Whether we go undefeated or lose every game. I will still watch, cheer, and invest my whole heart and soul into the Crimson Tide.

So in short…we lost…we move on…we prep for a big bowl…we reload…we win another NC.

On to the music:

1. Starlight – Slash and Myles Kennedy

2. Maneater – Hall and Oates

3. Rising Son – Clutch

4. Souls at Zero – Souls at Zero

5. The House is Rockin – SRV

6. The House that Peterbilt – Clutch

7. 7 Screaming Diz Busters – Blue Oyster Cult

8. Pink Thunderbird – I never had artist information on this track

9. Primal Concrete Sledge – Pantera

10. Bright Side of the Road - Van Morrison

Bonus Track: Happy/Sad – Pizzicato Five

Roll Tide!!!

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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