Bama Fans Who Love Auburn

Editor- Before this thing goes viral like Fitty's other fan post last week, I'd like to remind everyone of this..FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll."

Well I guess all you Auburn lovers are happy now because you got what you wanted. But, time will tell if what you’ve got is a good thing. Personally I do not think any Auburn win is good for Alabama in any way, shape or form. Here is why.

First- What Auburn does directly effects what Alabama can do. For example I’m sure all the Auburn lovers were thrilled when AU, in total luck, beat UGA. I’m sure they were saying..."Good the State of Alabama has two good teams fighting for the SEC." But do you Auburn lovers realize that if UGA had knocked down that pass, Alabama would have gone to ATL, likely beat Mizzou, and now be playing for the NC in spite of losing to AU. How is what AU did in winning that game good for Alabama? (By the way, we get no brownie points for almost winning.)

Second- They are not little brother anymore. In the 60's and 70's some Alabama people use to stupidly root for Auburn when they were not playing Bama because they were no threat to Alabama’s dominance. Those days are long gone. Consider our senior know CJ, AJ, Norwood, etc. They will leave Alabama with 2 NC rings and 1 SEC ring. Not bad. But IF Auburn beats FSU their seniors will leave with 2 NC rings and 2 SEC rings. An argument could be made that their senior class has done more than our senior class. And in head to head, we are 2-2. When you Auburn lovers root for Auburn you are in effect lifting up a team which will over shadow your own team. Do you not see how utterly crazy it is for you to root for your in state rival to out do you?

By the way, since Coach Bryant’s death our record against AU is 14-17. That is right! In the post Bryant era we have actually been owned by Auburn. Even in the Saban era we are only 4-3 against AU and this is supposedly the second golden age of Alabama football.

(As a comparison we are 17-14-1 against LSU and 17-13-1 against UT since Bryant. Auburn is the only team that we regularly play that has bested us since Bryant. Why do we want anything good to happen to them? Do we want them to beat us each year? Well rooting for them helps their cause.)

Third- They (Gus and his offense) are not going away. I think it is time we stop saying Gus’s offense is a trick offense, a high school offense, or a gimmick offense that will fade once people figure it out. First of all there is no trick to this thing. They run the same plays over and over again. I think most DC’s have figured out what they are running. We just can’t stop it. In a lot of ways it is very much like the wishbone. The wishbone was not complicated, you knew it was coming, you just could not stop it. The wishbone went out of style when skill players and O-linemen, thinking it hurt their NFL chances, went to schools not running the wishbone. (Herschel wanted to get 30 carries a game.)

I don’t know if that is going to happen to the Malzan triple option. For one thing RB’s are going to love it because the feature back can get 30 carries. As far as qb’s, he is not trying to recruit pro style qb’s and turn them into running qb’s. He is going to recruit athletes and teach them to play qb in his system. There are a lot of guys available to fill this bill. Why Chris Black could transfer right now and start at qb for AU in 2015.

Furthermore, Gus has pretty much thrown his lot in with AU. I could foresee a long run for him at AU...probably long after Saban leaves. And, I foresee us having problems with them every year. The longer he is there the more they are going to perfect this offense. Holding them to 28 points may well look pretty good in few years. I know the hard core Gumps, the same ones who thought we would beat AU by 35 pts., see this as just a one year freak occurrence. I wish that were true...but the obvious progress they made from the beginning of the season of the end season tells me this Gus thing is not going away anytime soon.

I’m telling you all...Auburn is more dangerous now than they have been at anytime in my life. They have a simple system and a plan to put that system to work. They don’t even need 5 star O-linemen, 3 and 4 stars will work as long as they are willing to work and have the intelligence to learn the system. They do need a really fast back who will hit the hole straight ahead. Even go for a hole before it opens up. Drake would work in their system, but Yeldon would probably not work as well. And the beauty of their system is that they don't need to worry about defense. You scoring quick just means they get the ball back ready to wear you down even more. They gave up 42 pts.and never even worried about it.

This in consideration, why would anyone who likes Alabama want to cheer him on? Do you want to go say 5-5 against them the next 10 years? Well, it could happen. I wonder if you will still love AU when they are beating us even more than 50%? Right now it is not even about hating AU as much as it about slowing down their momentum even for next year.

Finally, there are several false beliefs helping to fuel this Auburn love. To begin with is this "SEC, SEC, SEC" junk. In case you haven’t noticed then name of our team is not The University of the Southeastern Conference. And, we get no extra money if an SEC team wins the NC. In fact I could argue that any SEC team winning the NC not named Alabama helps that team at the probable expense of Alabama when it comes to recruiting.

And by the way, what great favors have the SEC office really done for Alabama that we should love them? I still think 2010 was a rigged schedule. And when AU beat us most of our SEC "brethren" were pretty happy about it. Anyone thinking we have any real reason to be "SEC, SEC, SEC" about every SEC team has really bought into media hype.

Also, this "keep the crystal in state" is even more ridiculous. Do we get anything from AU winning the NC? Well we get more AU reruns, we get more AU shirts, more AU bumper stickers, etc. etc. And what good does it really do the state of Alabama as far as economics etc...I would argue very, very little. It is not like AU is going to take all this money they make on selling shirts and use it to help some homeless guy in Birmingham. The only people it really benefits, outside of the Malzahn family fortune, is a people in Lee County who will fill a few more hotel rooms next year and sell a little more Chick-Fil-A. And just in case you have forgotten our team is not "The State of Alabama." We are in the state, and we are a representative of the state by our name. As best I can tell Auburn represents the town of Auburn. And outside of the state of Alabama no one cares much that Auburn is in the state of Alabama. In fact if we really love the State of Alabama I think we should pull against Auburn. Their dirty play and team criminals is not a good reflection on the state. I’d even say they make the state look bad.

One last false belief I will mention is this notion that AU is somehow morally and spiritually superior to...well everyone. First of all, that play Sat. where the AU db purposefully ran Mizzou’s rb into that cart was as dirty a college play as I have seen since Nick Fairley went to trying to hurt Aaron Murray.

I’ll be honest, when some team goes to saying God is on their side, and that they are God’s favorites etc. it makes me want to puke. I will never root for a team making those kind of claims. I’d rather root for the pagans. And it is beyond me how someone, who is NOT a part of this Auburn family could ever root for these guys if they paid attention.

So yeah, I’m rooting for the Seminoles. And yeah I suspect Winston is guilty at least to some degree. And yeah I do think he got special treatment. And yet, considering all that I still find them preferable to rooting for AU. And those of you Auburn lovers rooting for them to win the NC just be careful what you are wanting to happen because if it does you may regret you got your wish.

And by the way. If you are going to root for AU go all in. Get you an AU shirt (I’ve already got an FSU fans who is letting me wear one of his shirts), put some AU magnets on your car and fly an AU flag in your yard.. Start dressing your kids in orange and blue and name your dog Bo and your cat Barkley. In fact, why not just go ahead and convert. I’m sure they will welcome you into the family

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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