The Jumbo Package |  02.12.2013

Who will back up this guy? - Kevin C. Cox

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide quotes and links.

Pecking order in crowded group behind Alabama QB AJ McCarron won't be determined by seniority-

"You probably look at it like, 'Well, this guy's been here the longest, so he gets the most chance,' Saban said Wednesday during his National Signing Day press conference. "If he's been here the longest, he's already had the most chances. "If he hasn't taken advantage of those opportunities, then somebody else has a turn at getting those chances."

Introducing Alabama freshman Raheem Falkins, a 'go up and get the ball' kind of receiver (video)-

Falkins asked Cooper, who led Alabama with 59 receptions, 1,000 yards and 11 touchdowns, how he did it. "Just come in and work hard and compete," Falkins said. "I applaud him for that. He came in and did a fantastic job on the field. We’ve had a lot of conversations. I look forward to working out with him."

Introducing Derrick Henry, the latest 5-star addition to Alabama's backfield (video)-

"I'm going to come here and carry on the legacy," said Henry, one of seven early enrollees who met with reporters on National Signing Day. "Every day I come and try to learn. I try to learn some plays, doing some drills, catching the ball, just so I can be ready for the spring and next season."

Why is the SEC thriving in football, struggling in basketball? Money-

Spin it any way you like, Mike Slive’s league is struggling through an abysmal season. Florida has been dominant. Kentucky finally appears to be rounding into shape. Missouri has been a little worse than expected; Ole Miss a little better. After that, it’s unlikely any of the conference’s 10 remaining teams will receive at-large invitations to the NCAA Tournament. Saddled with a #8 RPI ranking among conferences, four bids might be generous.

Katherine Webb dons split Alabama-Auburn bikini in Sports Illustrated photoshoot (photo)-

McCarron tweeted his thoughts on the photoshoot on Monday morning. "Proud as hell for my girl @_KatherineWebb on the SI swimsuit shoot!! Looking beautiful like always."

Fan Review: Alabama fans…exceptionalism or simply spoiled?- Capstone Report

Alabama fans have a certain triumphalism. Victory is expected because Alabama is superior. This superiority stems from either history (15 national championships) or the idea that players become somehow better by donning the Crimson jersey. Of course, this notion is not only something held by Alabama fans, but also former coach Bill Curry said the same thing on numerous occasions. In fact, in a 2010 teleconference that was reported by the Birmingham News he repeated this: "You could take an average kid, a player like Bill Curry, put him in a crimson jersey, and he turns into Superman on Saturday afternoon."

Alabama defensive analyst Kelvin Sigler lands defensive backs coach job at Northern Illinois-

Alabama wide receivers coach Mike Groh picks up another 'Recruiter of the Year' award-

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