Reviewing our Roster

Since we get killed every year by the over signing people, I decided to look into the matter myself. In order to do so, I decided to look at everyone that is eligible from 2009 up to our current class that just signed today. Basically, anyone that could be a red shirt senior up to the group that signed today. This is further complicated by the fact that the University does not publicly acknowledge who is on scholarship and who is not. With that in mind, I presumed that everyone that sent in a LOI on signing day was on scholarship. I don't believe this is the case, but nonetheless that is what I counted. For example, I don't think Cade Foster has ever been on scholarship, but that is a guess. We also have an exception in a special scout team scholarship to my understanding that does not count for some reason (Danny Woodson Jr. is the current guy). So instead of guessing at that, I decided to count everyone that signed on signing day as a full ride guy, with the lone exception being Woodson. This is all internet research, and quickly done, so its a very large guess. In fact, I couldn't quickly find any reputable info on Anthony Orr, which is why he is listed as unknown. I already know that my presumptions can't be accurate as we know Carson Tinker was on scholarship last year and he appears no where on this chart. Anyway, enjoy the chart below.

2009 28 Current Estimated Scholarships 10

1. Jonathan Atchison On Scholarship

2. Kenny Bell On Scholarship

3. Chris Bonds On Scholarship

4. Michael Bowman Transfer

5. James Carpenter NFL

6. Quinton Dial Did not Qualify Did Not Qualify

7. D.J. Fluker Preparing for NFL Draft

8. Nico Johnson Preparing for NFL Draft

9. Kendall Kelly Medical

10. Dre Kirkpatrick NFL

11. Eddie Lacy Preparing for NFL Draft

12. Mike Marrow Transfer

13. AJ McCarron On Scholarship

14. Darius McKeller Transfer

15. William Ming On Scholarship

16. Brandon Moore Transfer

17. Kevin Norwood On Scholarship

18. Anthony Orr Uknown

19. Tana Patrick On Scholarship

20. Trent Richardson NFL

21. Darrington Sentimore Transfer

22. Petey Smith Transfer

23. Anthony Steen On Scholarship

24. Ed Stinson On Scholarship

25. Chance Warmack Preparing for NFL Draft

26. Kellen Williams On Scholarship

27. Rod Woodson Dismissed

28. Andrew Miller Baseball

2010 26 18

1. Deion Belue Did Not Qualify JUCO 2012 On Scholarship

2. Cade Foster On Scholarship

3. Jalston Fowler On Scholarship

4. John Fulton On Scholarship

5. Alfy Hill . Did Not Qualify Did Not Qualify

6. Adrian Hubbard On Scholarship

7. Harrison Jones On Scholarship

8. Brandon Lewis Graduated

9. Chad Lindsay On Scholarship

10. Keiwone Malone Transfer

11. DeMarcus Milliner Declared for NFL Draft

12. C.J. Mosley On Scholarship

13. Nick Perry On Scholarship

14. Austin Shepherd On Scholarship

15. Blake Sims On Scholarship

16. Phillip Sims Transfer UVA

17. Brian Vogler On Scholarship

18. DeAndrew White On Scholarship

19. Jay Williams On Scholarship

20. Dequan Menzie JUCO NFL Drafted

21. Jarrick Williams On Scholarship

22. Ronald Carswell Transfer

23. Wilson Love On Scholarship

24. Brandon Ivory On Scholarship

25. Arie Kouandjio On Scholarship

26. Corey Grant Transfer

2011 22 17

1. Brent Calloway On Scholarship

2. Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix On Scholarship

3. Trey DePriest On Scholarship

4. Quinton Dial JUCO Preparing for NFL Draft

5. Xzavier Dickson On Scholarship

6. Aaron Douglas Deceased

7. Phillip Ely On Scholarship

8. Malcolm Faciane On Scholarship

9. LaMichael Fanning On Scholarship

10. Demetrius Hart On Scholarship

11. Chris Jones On Scholarship

12. Ryan Kelly On Scholarship

13. Isaac Luatua On Scholarship

14. Jeoffrey Pagan On Scholarship

15. D.J. Pettway On Scholarship

16. Marvin Shinn On Scholarship

17. Vinnie Sunseri On Scholarship

18. Bradley Sylve On Scholarship

19. Jabriel Washington On Scholarship

20. Jesse Williams JUCO Preparing for NFL Draft

21. Danny Woodson On Scholarship*

22. Duran Carter Transfer

2012 26 23

1. Ryan Anderson On Scholarship

2. Dakota Ball On Scholarship

3. Deion Belue JUCO On Scholarship

4. Chris Black On Scholarship

5. Landon Collins On Scholarship

6. Amari Cooper On Scholarship

7. Travell Dixon Transfer

8. Kenyan Drake On Scholarship

9. Denzel Devall On Scholarship

10. Kurt Freitag On Scholarship

11. Brandon Greene On Scholarship

12. Adam Griffith On Scholarship

13. Caleb Gulledge On Scholarship

14. Tyler Hayes On Scholarship

15. Brandon Hill Did Not Qualify

16. Cyrus Jones On Scholarship

17. Korren Kirven On Scholarship

18. Darren Lake On Scholarship

19. Dillon Lee On Scholarship

20. Alec Morris On Scholarship

21. Reggie Ragland On Scholarship

22. Geno Smith On Scholarship

23. Alphonse Taylor On Scholarship

24. Eddie Williams On Scholarship

25. T.J. Yeldon On Scholarship

2013 25 25

1. Jonathan Allen On Scholarship

2. Anthony Averett On Scholarship

3. Cooper Bateman On Scholarship

4. Leon Brown On Scholarship

5. Jonathan Cook On Scholarship

6. Raheem Falkins On Scholarship

7. Reuben Foster On Scholarship

8. Robert Foster On Scholarship

9. Derrick Henry On Scholarship

10. Brandon Hill On Scholarship

11. Grant Hill On Scholarship

12. O.J. Howard On Scholarship

13. Eddie Jackson On Scholarship

14. Tyren Jones On Scholarship

15. Walker Jones On Scholarship

16. Alvin Kamara On Scholarship

17. Dee Liner On Scholarship

18. Cole Mazza On Scholarship

19. Parker McLeod On Scholarship

20. Darius Paige On Scholarship

21. A'Shawn Robinson On Scholarship

22. Maurice Smith On Scholarship

23. ArDarius Stewart On Scholarship

24. Altee Tenpenny On Scholarship

25. Tim Williams On Scholarship

Total 92

In theory, we have 92 guys signed as of today. However, I know this can't be remotely accurate. Also, transferring my chart from excel to here is something I am not good at. For all the over signing nuts, this shows that while they may have a point, 7 guys is certainly not to the degree in which they paint it; especially when you paint it in as favorable terms as I did for their argument. Additionally, for all the people that scream about us putting guys on medical hardships, I only found one guy that was actually put in such a program in the past 4 years by a reputable source.

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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