Monday Musings: Aunt Lisa, "The Shot," Slive is Hot

Lisa with her devoted husband before surgery in 2011. - Mandy W

One man's opinion on recent events, Bama sports, and various nonsense...

  • The world lost a very special woman and Bama fan last week in my sweet aunt Lisa who succumbed to cancer at only 51 following a valiant battle which dated back to 2007. Over the weekend I traveled to celebrate her life with my family where I was simultaneously inspired by all of the people she had touched, deeply saddened by her passing, and angered that this awful disease took her prematurely. Proudly defined by her faith, I have never met a person who gave of herself to others quite like Lisa, with the possible exception of her husband Mike and daughter Mandy who sacrificed tremendously in order to be her primary full-time caregivers. She is loved deeply and will be missed by many...
  • What a shot by Trevor Releford to knock off UGA at Coleman Coliseum on Saturday, keeping alive Bama's slim hopes of an at-large bid to the NCAA tournament. Bama will play on Friday as the #4 seed in the SEC tourney with Tennessee the most likely opponent. Since anything short of an SEC Championship will probably still result in relegation to the NIT I am less than optimistic that we will see the Tide dancing. Of course, Florida did lose again over the weekend so I guess anything is possible...
  • The ridiculous and quickly debunked rumors surrounding Les Miles and his supposed affair with an LSU student further illustrate how Twitter is ruining the world. Hard to understand how a simple tweet from a college kid set off a firestorm that got all the way to CBS and back to Miles himself. At some point you have to think that most people will learn to ignore 99% of what they read on there...
  • It's a shame to hear that Eddie Lacy's draft stock may be dropping. A bad hamstring held him out of workouts at the NFL Combine, though he did manage to weigh in eleven pounds above his playing weight (not good), and will now apparently prevent him from participating in Bama's Pro Day event. He still believes he will get an opportunity to run for scouts before the draft and expects to run a sub-4.5. Hope for the best for him...
  • According to Andy Staples, Mike Slive is currently the most powerful man in college sports, besting Jim Delany and NCAA prez Mark Emmert for top honors . Since the SEC office is in Bammerham Birmingham, we can rest assured knowing that Bama will continue to get favorable schedules, be allowed to pay all the players, sign as many recruits as Saban pleases, never get called for holding or personal fouls, and get free passes into the MNC game just ‘cause Bama. Roll REC, y'all.

    Have a great week, everyone.

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