A Way Too Early Look At The 2013 Schedule ( with .GIFS!)


Can Alabama really lose to Va Tech? Bammer thinks so. Well, not really but it's possible. Kind of.

Yeah yeah I know its still March but the mood around here has been a little...edgy. And what better way to lighten the atmosphere than FOOTBALL + .GIFS?

So here is a breakdown of the upcoming 2013 schedule. Along with my thoughts on the game I also included how I feel about each game at this moment using .gifs and videos. Today I'm feeling pretty confident but y'all know the hand-wringing will ensue about 72 hours pre-game. We'll do another pre-season look in August, along with predictions but for now here's what I got.

p.s. Can't wait for the debates with toofull over how this team will be unstoppable..


Aug. 31 Virginia Tech (Atlanta, Ga.)

Some consider this a trap game and in many ways that isn't far off. Obviously, we have some business with A&M two weeks later and it could be easy just to look right past Va Tech. VT wasn't exactly very good in 2012 and there really is no evidence showing they will improve greatly in 2013. That said if we take them lightly (and I seriously doubt that happens) the game could be closer than once expected.

Worry level: Only slightly concerned. Will probably be preaching "BUT WE COULD LOSE" the week prior.


Sept. 14 at Texas A&M (College Station, Texas)

I want these a-holes. I want them like I want that special weekly Friday night....beer. They waltzed into BDS last year and ruined our perfect season.So screw those guys. No doubt this will be our toughest game of the year and if we don't come ready to play a loss is likely.

Worry level: High...Probably will puke prior to kick. Lots of gnashing of teeth.

Sept. 21 Colorado State (Tuscaloosa, AL)

Pay day for an old friend. Just pray for no injuries.

Worry level: not even the slightest bit


Sept. 28 Ole Miss (Tuscaloosa, AL)

I'm not saying that Ole Miss will be a tough game but Ole Miss will be a tough game. Arguably, Johnny Reb The Black Bears were our third toughest regular season opponent last year and who actually believes they will be worse in 2013? Freeze has Ole Miss pointed in the right direction and this won't be a game where just showing up gets a win. Luckily, we literally have a patsy before and after allowing for rest and preparation.

Worry level: Medium High. Will be telling everyone pre-game we could lose this game.


Oct. 5 Georgia State (Tuscaloosa, AL)

I hate this game. Can we just start the second team?

Worry level: Wanking motion


Oct. 12 at Kentucky (Lexington, Ky)

Kentucky should be improved in 2013 but honestly it's not hard to improve from terrible. Will Mark Stoops be able to turn around the Wildcats? I wouldn't hold my breath if I were Blue Nation. FSU had talent on the defensive side of the ball; UK does not.

Worry level: Will be telling my UK fan of a father I'm worried but inside expecting a beat down.


Oct. 19 Arkansas (Tuscaloosa, AL)

I just see this game as a pig roast. Arkansas will be rebuilding once again and will implementing a new offensive scheme to boot. They should be more physical and probably more competitive but will it be enough to keep the score reasonable?

Worry level: Probably about the same as Va Tech. Not enough to puke but just enough to worry about a loss.


Oct. 26 Tennessee (Tuscaloosa, AL)

Normally, if you told me Alabama had Arkansas, Tennessee and LSU in back to back to back weeks I'd tell you someone screwed up in the scheduling department and probably should be fired. But excuse me if I don't exactly freak out. Tennessee should be terrible, again. (I love saying that)

Worry level: I always worry when we play UT. My hate runs so deep I'll throw up just because I disgust orange that much.

Nov. 9 LSU (Tuscaloosa, AL)

I absolutely love the placement of this game. First, it is a home game and we are coming off a bye. Second, I think ‘Bama knows they were out played by LSU last year and will be looking to provide a little pay back. Lastly, if we beat A&M earlier in the season, ‘Bama could also be playing for the SEC West title. #motivationgalore

Still this is LSU.

Worry level: High enough to pace the floor but low enough to be able to eat during the game.


Nov. 16 at Mississippi State (Starkville, MS)

My gut says we win by 30. It's not a trap game and barring an epic collapse against LSU the team should be good to go. My only concern is if we look past them.

Worry level: Will pace pre-game but should be calm by kick.


Nov. 23 Chattanooga (Tuscaloosa, AL)

Just an opportunity to rest the wounded.

Worry level: Snooze


Nov. 30 at Auburn (Auburn, AL)

Much like Kentucky, all Auburn has to do is not lose to a Sun Belt team for the season to be considered a success. That said if you are expecting the same Auburn team as we saw in 2012 then gump on sir.. Malzahn is a better coach than Chizik and that alone is good for a few upsets here and there. He won't have the pieces in place to make a run at A&M, LSU or ‘Bama for the SEC West but expect at more competitive Auburn team in 2013.

Worry level: Similar nerves as UT but with slightly less hate.


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