Alabama's 2013 Pro Day Recap

If you have access to, they broadcasted Alabama's Pro Day on Wednesday. Replays should be available.

All draft eligible Tide players were on hand as well as many underclassmen like AJ McCarron who were there for support.

Eddie Lacy is still nursing a hamstring injury so he did not participate. Due to his Lisfranc injury, Barrett Jones only participated on the bench press lifting the bar 27 times.

Dee Milliner blew everyone away at the NFL Combine. That coupled with recent labium surgery meant there was not much need for him to work out.

Chance Warmack, D.J. Fluker, and Jesse Williams did not participate in every event but all looked very sharp in their drills. Jesse ran a 4.9 in the 40.

With the exception of the bench press, Robert Lester looked very impressive.

Also participating in various drills: Nico Johnson, Michael Williams, Carson Tinker, Damion Square, Quinton Dial, Kelly Johnson, Jeremy Shelley and former walk-on Ranzel Watkins.

Below are some notes:

Eddie Lacy -

Barrett Jones - plans on bench pressing only; 27 bench press reps.

Dee Milliner - arm in a sling, torn labium surgery. he believes the injury occurred in the Texas A&M game.

Chance Warmack - weighs in at 319 lbs; participated in the vertical leap, bad idea; looks good in drills.

D.J. Fluker - looks good in drills.

Jesse Williams - 325 lbs.; (30 bench reps at the NFL combine); 4.9 in 40; looked good in 3-cone drill.

Nico Johnson - 4.73/4.89 in 40

Robert Lester - 10'1" broad jump; an excellent vertical leap 34.5"; 7 bench press reps; 4.65/4.81 in 40.

Michael Williams - "ten pounds heavier than he was at the combine" (see Joe27's comment below); Not a great vertical; 5.4 in 40. Yikes.

Carson Tinker - 17 bench press reps but many were not standard; 5.19 in 40.

Damion Square - 23 bench press reps and an F-bomb. B)

Quinton Dial -

Kelly Johnson - 19 bench press reps - impressive; 5.0 in 40.

Jeremy Shelley - cut his hair

* All 40 times are unofficial.

FINAL SUMMARY: There were a lot of eyes in Tuscaloosa on Wednesday. All 32 NFL teams were represented and I think scouts from future Los Angeles and London expansion teams were there as well (haha). In other words, it was a full house.

Who helped himself? Aside from his 7 reps on the bench, Lester was very impressive in every exercise and drill. He definitely moved up though he still projects as a third rounder.

Who hurt himself? Michael Williams did not look good. He looked sluggish and was underwhelming in most of the events he participated in. You gotta lay off mama's cooking until AFTER the contracts are signed, son!

Who might be a dark horse? Believe it or not, former walk-on turned starter Kelly Johnson looked good and had 19 bench press reps. I don't expect him to get drafted but he should garner a free agent contract and get a good shot at somebody's special teams.

What we already knew: Jesse Williams looked fast , strong, and very mobile for his size. Already projected by most as a late first to second rounder, he may have moved up a notch or two.

The blue collar guys: Warmack and Fluker were soaking wet with sweat but they worked like it was the BCSCG often going head-to-head in drills.

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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