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School's out forever. - AMC

It seems that last week's episode was met with mixed reviews. Many bemoaned the lack of action and felt the episode was mostly boring. I tend to disagree. I thought last week's episode was solid, even if it was not flashy. The storyline seemed to have been furthered well, and we got to see some quality character development among some of the lesser characters. In fact, I think that several of the secondary characters (Michonne, Herschel, Carol) had their best scenes of the entire series last week. Even Merle had the chance to engage in a couple civilized conversations, rather than be limited to a couple racist one-liners.

The main story of last week was Andrea reuniting with the group that once mistakenly left her for dead. As would be expected, she was welcomed back in with open arms.


The scenes with Andrea reconnecting were powerful, and served as a stark reminder of how far apart they have grown, due in part to the group's evolution and in part to Andrea's seeming acquiescence of Woodbury. After they all get caught up, Carol asks Andrea to kill the governor to save the group. They give Andrea some supplies and send her on her way. Andrea sleeps with Cap'n Winky, waits until he falls asleep, and then sneakily retrieves a knife, only to wuss out at the last moment, leaving her allegiances in doubt.

In tonight's episode, it seems we will be following Rick, Carl, and Michonne as they make a run. The promos indicate they will find a new town, which doesn't appear to be entirely unpopulated.

"Seriously. Where did we park the car?" via

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