The Walking Dead Season Finale Open Thread

Will this be the last we see of the prison? - (Frank Ockenfels/AMC)

The wait is over, folks. The season finale is here.

Just gonna do a quick recap of last week:

- Rick thought about handing over Michonne, but Not Prom Dress Ghost Lori looked at him funny, so he changed his mind.

- Merle took Michonne and was going to hand her over, but he too changed his mind and went to the meet alone.

- Merle killed a handful of the Governor's guys before he was found out and shot (in the chest) by the Guv.

- Rick abdicated his throne, emphatically noting "I'm NAWT yer Guvner"

- Daryl found Zombie Merle and set a new high score for dead sibling head stabs.

Notably absent from last week: any update whatsoever on Andrea, Milton or Tyreese.

Tonight's episode figures to be a fast-paced, potentially gut-wrenching hour of television. As I've thought about it over the last week, I've changed my personal expectations, and I'm now thinking that there's a really good chance that the Governor makes it out of tonight's episode alive (even if severely wounded). He really has been a fantastic character, but for the first half of the season, he was not really all that dark. I think I would really enjoy the Governor being really wounded, and then making it into next season as this darker persona that he's recently adopted. I think it could work if he just took the "army" he has and abandoned the Mayberry facade in favor of a full on violent, brutal militia.

I'm also thinking that the Glenn/Maggie impending death feeling has been a head fake. At this point it seems too obvious to kill one of them off. I think it's more likely that Herschel and Beth will die, leaving Glenn and Maggie with only each other as "true" family.

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