Of Serious Nature: Can you help?

I wanted to reach out to the RBR members and see if there was any interest in supporting a new cause. While I know this could be seen as a donation/charitable giving pitch, please read and carefully consider before moving on to the next topic.

Since I have a daughter (and I know there are others in the RBR community who do as well), this has garnered more of my attention and I just wanted to pass this along. What you do is your choice, but I at least wanted to spotlight a worthy cause.

While we all have many things we support, there's an organization that was created in 2001 called FreeSet. Their Web site is Check out the video just below the marquee on their homepage. This is a unique organization as they are geared to specifically free women from the sex trade in India. Due to several impoverished regions, daughters are tricked (or worse - knowingly sold by their father/mother) into working as a sex slave.

FreeSet offers them a choice to make bags, which then offsets their slave debt, and become free of the sex trade. While it's a relatively small organization (currently about 200 employees), it has grown significantly in the last ten years and they are thinking about expanding their business in order to free more women.

The cool thing about this is that the women still stay in their homes, but pay those who employ those in prostitution so they don't put another girl in their spot.

I know many have their own causes so I'm not going to tell anybody how they should give. Perhaps this is something you care to pass on or do something like I have done in the past - give out bags for Christmas presents and leave the tag on there so they know about it.

My request to you is to check it out and see if this is something you care to promote or support. Even if you just create awareness to others, that would be a big help.

Thanks and Roll Tide.

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