The Jumbo Package │04.11.13

The University of Alabama women's table tennis team won the Dixie trophy and will compete at nationals this weekend.From left to right are Joyce Xiao, Yi Li, Jiasui He and Huan Li- Dusty Compton - Dusty Compton

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Notre Dame Undefeated Season DVD Collection

From the dramatic confrontations against rivals Michigan and USC, to the unforgettable overtime victories against Pittsburgh and Stanford...each game from 2012 is presented as seen on the network broadcasts, without commerical interruption. The navigation menu allows you to jump from quarter to quarter, allowing you to replay your favorite plays and touchdowns that led the Fighting Irish to victory. Own every second of the Notre Dame perfect season today!

I know this was linked in the comments in yesterdays JP but my god it needed another go around today. This is just amazing and may even be better than LSUs "#2 Nationally" rings.

I hear the BCS Championship Game is sold separately and comes with alternate endings! Buy Yours NOW!

Tide's never-ending 'process' again underway - ESPN

"Who are going to be the leaders?" he asked. "Who are going to be the guys that set an example? Who steps forward as young players who show that they have the responsibility to do a job and be dependable in doing that job so that we have a chance to play winning football with them?"

At this point you guys, the only thing that will release Alabama's current stranglehold on college football is complacency. And with Saban as our head coach I just don't see that happening any time soon. We are just too deep at almost every position to worry about talent being the problem. If Saban can get the guys to buy in and focus on the task at hand anything is possible.

Joe Paterno's widow insists husband was ignorant on child sexual abuse - ESPN

The widow of longtime Penn State coach Joe Paterno says she and her husband were ignorant about sexual predators like Jerry Sandusky.

Look, I'm sure you are a nice lady and all, and imma let you finish but my lord, JUST HUSH. Sorry, that was maybe a little harsh but the woman has to stop trying to defend her husband. We get it, you think he was innocent but nothing you say at this point, or anyone else for that matter, will help. The best thing the Paterno family can do is just let time heal the wounds. That can't happen if they are constantly on T.V. defending him.

Former Alabama star Eddie Lacy will be drafted in the first round, Mel Kiper Jr. says |

ESPN expert thinks the Green Bay Packers will use the 26th pick to select the running back.

Running Back U.................Linebacker U............Offensive Line U.........soon to be Wide Receiver, Quarterback and ankle taper guy U.

Alabama LB Trey DePriest out for spring with broken foot; Ryan Anderson, Dillon Lee help fill void |

Alabama linebacker Trey DePriest recently underwent surgery to repair a stress fracture in his right foot, effectively ending his spring.

We lose our top two LB's to injury during the Spring (both injuries seem to be minor BTW) and you'd never know it by watching video of practice. Have y'all seen Ryan Anderson yet? 6-2 255? Alabama doesn't reload....we just never run out of bullets.

Former Auburn signee Jovon Robinson says he wants to play at Alabama |

JaMarcus Russell trying to get down to 270 pounds for NFL suitors |

Despite win, 'Bama softball players, coach look for more momentum

Alabama table tennis team off to nationals |

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