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I'd hide my face too..

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Nick Saban: I asked Roy Williams for up-tempo defensive advice -

It makes sense (well, some) that even Nick Saban might ask for sage professional advice (well, some) when it comes to dealing with up-tempo spread offenses. Of his seven losses since the start of the 2008 season, three of them have come to teams running such schemes (2008 Utah, 2010 Auburn and 2012 Texas A&M). Even in victory, facing Hugh Freeze's spread at Ole Miss left Saban so frustrated last fall he called for changes to the NCAA rulebook.

I don't really see the big deal in Saban picking Williams' brain. In fact, if anything, it shows his humility. I have no idea what Saban asked him or the context of the questions. I'm not even sure how uptempo basketball relates to football... But obviously Saban is thinking proactively about how to defend it and I personally love it.

Top SEC title challengers for Alabama - College Football Nation Blog - ESPN

A&M benefits from getting Alabama at home early in the season, but has to play Arkansas, Ole Miss, LSU and Missouri on the road. Even beating Alabama early doesn't guarantee the Aggies will make it to Atlanta over the Tide.

Right now, the SEC is a tough animal to predict. Florida lost so many players on defense that it is tough to see them as challengers. LSU, along with the off the field issues, also lost a ton of players to the draft and graduation. And unless Mettflunger plays like he did against 'Bama for the entire season, do we really think LSU can do better than 10-3?

Obviously, UGA and A&M are the most likely contenders. Not that this will surprise anyone but that early season game against A&M may just decide the SEC West.

Reuben Foster talks tattoos, abusive fans and why he almost gave up football |

"They told me, 'I hope you tear your ACL,' " Foster told ESPN of opposing fans after his decision to sign with the Crimson Tide. "It's crazy how people think and what they'd wish upon you."

Slow Clap to Auburn fans.. You just showed the world you are no better than the Updykes and Teabaggers. And in fact, you are probably worse. Seriously, first and foremost, he's a kid who plays football. Wishing harm upon him for flipping schools shows your hypocrisy knows no bounds. Secondly, get a F'ing life.. Y'all want to talk so much smack about how ridiculous Alabama fans are, how we killed your trees and the REC this and the REC that.. Perhaps it's time to look at yourself in the mirror and see what you truly look like.

EDITORIAL: Graduation is as important as college football titles |

Nick Saban, Crimson Caravan roll into Mobile on Thursday |

Two players leave Alabama women's basketball team |

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