Monday Musings: Schedule Ain't Fair, PAWWLLL

Nice swing, Coach. - USA TODAY Sports

One man's opinion on recent events, Bama sports, and various nonsense.

Much has been discussed recently about the SEC schedule, specifically how to address traditional rivalries in light of the expansion to 14 teams. Coach Saban has suggested that everyone play nine conference games plus one more against a team from another BCS AQ conference, while Steve Spurrier basically thinks we can shove that idea. LSU fans find it unfair that they have to play Florida every year while Bama plays Tennessee, opining that there is no traditional rivalry between the Gators and Bayou Bengals. A few different proposals have been mentioned. Check out the poll below and weigh in with your thoughts. Something tells me Tammy, I-man, et al will be offering theirs soon...

...If any of you find yourself in the market for a new home, Coach Saban has one scheduled to be sold at auction over on Lake Burton. For a mere $11 million or so you can have this beautiful 9,600 square foot home on 1.7 acres, complete with six bedrooms and nine (NINE?) baths. Various Crimson Tide tickets and memorabilia will also be offered with proceeds benefiting his Nick's Kids charity. Guess you can't be an evil, lying manipulator of kids all the time...

...Speaking of Nick's Kids, Coach had a couple of interesting sound bites at a golf event for the charity over the weekend. My favorite:

"To me, everybody always asks, ‘Why aren't you happy about this or that?' (and it's) because I am thinking about the next thing," Saban said. "Michael Jordan says it best when he said, ‘No matter how many game-winning shots I've made, the only one that matters is the next one.' That's how it is. That is what we keep looking forward to trying to do the best we can to help our players be successful personally, academically and athletically. That is challenging, and we certainly want to have the best program that we possibly can to help them do that."

Process, y'all..

...Can the NCAA possibly lose any more credibility? Mississippi State lost all of two scholarships after a booster "provided a car to the recruit for approximately $2,000 below the actual value of the car. Prior to taking an official visit to a different university, the booster told the recruit that if he did not take the visit, the recruit would be paid $6,000." Making matters worse, the player involved actually signed with MSU and an assistant coach knew about the whole ordeal. Recruiting has officially become a free-for-all, folks. Roll REC...

...Apparently our good friend Johnny Football has decided to take up acting in country music videos, prompting former Heisman QB Andre Ware to question his work ethic and leadership:

"If I'm his teammate, and it's almost human nature, that somebody, someone on the team is starting to resent seeing Johnny Manziel like this. ‘I know I'm working, is he working? Can he be working as hard as I am each and every day to prepare for the season, so we can put ourselves in a position to win the national championship? Are you doing it at baseball games when you're throwing out the first pitch, and how much work did you put in when you were working on this video?' I'm not sure that he's done a well enough job in the offseason to really calm things down."

Good points Andre, but I can't get past the video. Sad what modern "country" music has become...

Have a great week, everyone.

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