CFB Future Power Rankings

CFB Future Power Rankings: Ranking the 25 teams most likely to have success over next three seasons |

#1 Alabama Crimson Tide
Coaching: There was no doubt among our panelists as to which program has the best coaching situation in the country going forward. "Nick Saban's 'process' is the envy of every other team in the country," says Schlabach. "As long as he's there, they're going to be at the very top." And our panel is betting that Saban will continue to be on the Crimson Tide's sideline the next three seasons. "I don't think he's at an age where he's looking to seek out a new challenge," Luginbill says of the 61-year-old Saban. "I think he wants to see if he can create, quite possibly, the greatest dynasty in the history of college football."

Current Talent: In addition to established stars like QB AJ McCarron, RB T.J. Yeldon, WR Amari Cooper, OT Cyrus Kouandjio, LB C.J. Mosley and FS Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, there is young talent ready to step in after them. RB Derrick Henry, WR Chris Black, FS Landon Collins and LB Ryan Anderson are among the guys to keep an eye on. As is tight end O.J. Howard. "If there's one position where they haven't had a true difference-maker since Saban has been there, it's at tight end," says Luginbill. "Howard could be that guy."

Recruiting: The anatomy of a perfect 10 rating: The Crimson Tide haven't finished outside the top three in ESPN's recruiting class rankings since 2007, and they're coming off back-to-back No. 1 classes. They currently own the No. 2 class for 2014 on the strength of highly ranked pocket passer David Cornwell's recent commitment.

Title Path: This was the only category in which the Tide slipped a little, a credit to the ultracompetitive SEC West. But as Alabama has shown in the past two seasons, it's possible for an SEC team to withstand a conference loss and still make it to the national championship game.

Program Power: As important as Saban is, our experts agree that Alabama's facilities, resources and institutional support contribute greatly to the program's success. "You have every resource at your disposal there to win long term. It's what separates them from everybody else," says Luginbill. "Everybody's heard the 'all-in' slogan when talking about college football programs. But when Alabama uses the phrase 'all-in,' they're not just talking about the football program; they're talking about the university as a whole. Whether you're the track coach or the assistant professor in the sociology wing, everybody there understands that when football drives the bus, everybody wins."

Most of the article is behind a paywall, but andthevalleyshook gives an overview of the full top 25 here:
1. Alabama (C - 10, CT - 9.8, R - 10, TP - 8.6, PP - 10) Total Score: 98.05
2. Ohio State (C - 9.4, CT - 8, R - 9.2, TP - 9.4, PP - 8.8) Total Score: 88.65
3. LSU (C - 8.2, CT - 8.2, R - 9.2, TP - 7.2, PP - 8.8) Total Score: 83.70
4. Florida (C - 7.2, CT - 8.2, R - 9.2, TP - 7.4, PP - 8.2) Total Score: 79.95
5. Michigan (C - 7.8, CT - 7.4, R - 8.8, TP - 7.6, PP - 8.4) Total Score: 79.40
6. Notre Dame (C - 8, CT - 6.8, R - 8.2, TP - 8.2, PP - 8.4) Total Score: 78.00
7. Florida State (C - 6.6, CT - 8, R - 9, TP - 8.6, PP - 7.8) Total Score: 77.85
8. Texas A&M (C - 7.8, CT - 7.4, R - 8.8, TP - 6, PP - 8.4) Total Score: 77.80
9. Georgia (C - 7, CT - 7.4, R - 8, TP - 7.4, PP - 8) Total Score: 75.00
10. Stanford (C - 8, CT - 6.8, R - 7.2, TP - 7.4, PP - 7.2) Total Score: 73.30 And the write-up for each team is in the comments on this thread.

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