Best Lookin' Logos of the SEC

We are full swing into SEC Media Days so I wanted to continue the theme of college football that started this weekend with College Football Questions: Inside the 50. But I didn’t feel like discussing the same stories you’ll read everywhere else; Will ‘Bama three-peat? Will Georgia finally make it past Atlanta? Will Johnny Football go through a sophomore slump? Who will have a catchy nickname this season?

So to break away from those tired topics, I decided to look at something pretty superficial – logos. We all love the pageantry of college football and logos are a cornerstone. They are instantly recognizable and either loved or hated on sight.

Here’s my ranking the best to worst. Some of these logos are still used and some are pulled from the past courtesy of Let me begin by saying block letters are not a logo! Sorry, but I can’t stand them. Be creative people. I understand if you’ve had the same logo since leather helmets were safe, but make it a little modern. If Alabama can make the jump to a script A, anyone can. Here’s my list:

  1. OleMissRebOle Miss-Connotations of “Colonel Reb” aside, this guy is cool. Cane + 10 Gallon hat + nice suit + red, white, & blue + sweet stance=Classy. That’s math hard to beat.
  2. FloridaGatorFlorida-Have you ever put a sweater on an alligator? It’s not easy, but they pull it off nicely.
  3. AlabamaBlockAAlabama-Picture this beauty covering the back windshield of the ‘80s model pickup in front of you on the interstate. I know I said I hate block letters, but winning makes up for it. And when you have one the size of an elephant, that’s pretty good.
  4. LSUTigerLSU-Show me a better looking tiger with purple stripes and I’ll bump this one down. Especially when you put a dip in his mouth.
  5. AuburnTigerAuburn-Wait, I think I’ve seen this one somewhere before? I don’t know which came first and I don’t really care. Any chance to knock Auburn down a notch and I’m going to take. Roll Tide.
  6. TennesseeVolTennessee-We can all agree the BLOCK LETTER T is bad enough but paint it orange and you’ve got a mess. This old logo is way better. Sweet retro font and a mascot with a weapon is always a winner.
  7. VanderbiltCommVanderbilt-How do you make a block letter cool? Have a guy with a sword jump out of it! This old logo is way better than some Star-V that looks like it should be tattooed on the shoulder blade of a drummer in a metal band.
  8. GeorgiaBulldogGeorgia-The Dawgs (or Dwags as most fans spell it on their Gameday signs) unveiled the new logo this year. A little more aggressive but still keeps the cartoon-ish look for Uga.
  9. MissStateBellMississippi State-The block letter M or an already used Bulldog. Instead I like this logo. Nice color combo showcasing a home-field tradition that everyone else in the conference loathes.
  10. SCGamecockSouth Carolina-You’d be hard pressed to find a scarier looking chicken. This isn’t one I’d mess with. For that they get some props.
  11. ArkansasPigArkansas-It’s even harder to make a cartoon pig look mean. But it is still a cartoon pig. This logo is the best of them all and that’s still not saying much.
  12. MizzouTigerMissouri-Out of a conference with three tigers and a wildcat, this modern take on the logo looks pretty good. Too bad they put a neck on the thing to make it look like it’s peering around a corner. They must have felt like they really had a winner though to change the spelling of their own state.
  13. TexasAMstarTexas A&M-Nothing says the state of Texas like stars and state outlines. If you’re not from Texas (like me) you might think it’s pretty obnoxious (like me). At least this BLOCK LETTER has a little piece of flair.
  14. KentuckyWildcatKentucky-I tried Kentucky fans. I tried hard to find something better than this. It just isn’t out there. At least these BLOCK LETTERS have an animal jumping out of it. So what if it looks like something drawn by a high school senior and elected to go on the front of the school yearbook for the graduating class of ’84. It’s yours and you sport it proudly.

There it is folks. My rankings of the best looking logos of the Southeastern Conference. I’m sure there may be better logos that I missed. I tried to stick to official logos only. Save your hate mail and just post a comment below. Let’s get ready for another season of the South’s greatest export.

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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