Game Thoughts/From The Couch Hiatus

There ain't gonna be a From The Couch this week. I am starting a potential multi-week asbestos trial Monday morning and am slammed until it's over. I'll be back when I'm back.

But here are my stream-of-consciousness thoughts on the game:

Wow, 628 yards. It was clear that we had no solution for Evans. I wonder where Geno Smith was? His name is on the participation chart, but with no stats, and I never noticed him. Everybody is dogging Fulton today, but I actually thought he didn't get beat as badly as Cyrus Jones did. At least Jones made a couple of plays (and he's not a veteran senior, either, so hopefully he will improve as the season goes along).

But in part it was a schematic problem. Our defense is obviously built for size and physicality, and they are simply not able to contain a guy like Johnny Manziel.

The good part is that there is only one guy like Johnny Manziel, and we already played him. But it was clear that he could have run for a lot more yards, and could have scrambled for longer, if that was the way they wanted to play it. We were unable to contain him, and when he topped off a scramble with an accurate throw - or a lucky one, like the "Heisman moment" prayer that came down into his receiver's hands - it led to 628 yards.

Astonishing that we have two games in the books, and the games were so very, very different from each other. Was TAMU's offense that good, or was Tech's offense that bad? And vice versa, how bad was TAMU's D, and how good was Tech's?

After two such wildly different games, it's hard to get a hit on Alabama, either on the offense or the defense. Just based on my generic concepts of Alabama and Nick Saban football, along with the idea of three new OL starters, I'm left thinking Manziel and TAMU are just really, really good on offense and lesser teams will not torch us like that, but I'm also left with thinking that there are going to be lots of TAMU games this year with 80 or more points run up.

There's one good thing I can definitely say about this team, though: 2-0 baby, with possibly the toughest part of the season already behind us.

AJ came out a little shaky and inaccurate, but settled down. Props to him for coming up with the big drives when we had to have them, especially when we were down 14-0 in the first. Another three-and-out there, and we come home with an L.

Fowler looked healthier and better.

Cooper is officially off to a bad start. By my count, on the season, AJ is 8-20 for 72 yards when throwing to Cooper, 3.6 yards per attempt, and 22 for 32 for 372 yards when not throwing to cooper, 11.6 yards per attempt. We kind of recognized that by only throwing to him 8 times yesterday as opposed to 12 times against Tech, but 8 is still too many with that kind of production.

O.J. Howard was our most dangerous receiver yesterday. It's a little surprising that only Howard and A-Shawn Robinson are making significant contributions among the incoming class, and especially surprising that our freshman running back horde has gotten so few touches two games on.

On another note, here's my official top 10 based on 2013 performance only:

1. Oregon - I like our chances against them in an end-of-season bowl, but if we played these guys next week? I'm glad we won't.

2. Alabama - Nobody else has two wins as good.

3. Washington - Another impressive win. They could still be #1; throw a hat over the top 3.

4. Clemson - Off this week.

5. Florida St. - not tested, but they have looked good.

6. LSU - TCU's loss drops their stock a bit.

7. Miami - Off this week.

8. Oklahoma - There's a drop-off at this point.

9. UGA - Off this week.

10. Ole Miss - Ran away from the Longhorns - last year's Ole Miss-UT game looks even more like a fluke.

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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