What I Learned In Aggieland

First of all it is a long drive to Texas, but we already knew that. Personally, round trip from my home was 1998 miles. That is probably too long for a 3 hour event, but I am glad I went. I learned a lot about Aggieland.

To begin with Texas A&M fans were in general actually nice. Many thanked me for coming and many shook my hand after we won. I think the Aggies think when they came into the SEC they just made 12 new friends. They don’t get yet, but in time they will catch on. We are not really a group of friends in the SEC. But for now, I’m fine with them being nice. I flew my Bama flags around College Station for 2 days and no one did anything remotely rude. And, even walking to the stadium dressed in enemy colors, I did not have one harsh word spoken to me. It was, to be honest, kinda weird.

Third, Kyle Field is the worst stadium I’ve ever been to and that includes every stadium in the SEC but Mizzou where I have not been. You are so tightly packed in the seats the only way to see the game is stand up and turn sideways. Now I was in the lower bowl so I don’t know about the upper decks, but it was miserable being packed like sardines. And, the bathroom and concessions were a sea of humanity and hard to get to even if no one was in the stands. At halftime it took me the entire time to get from my seat to the restroom and back. And, they have way too many seats on a row. I’m used to just having to get past 6 or 7 people to get to an aisle. I was in seat 21 and I was about half way to either aisle. And even when you get to the aisle it was stand in line just to move in the aisle. If you mention how bad their stadium is to any Aggie they tell you they are fixing these problems with their new expansion. That will not fix the problem. The stadium needs to be blown up and started anew from scratch.

However, Kyle Field on this day was extremely loud. To be honest we are not as loud in BDS. LSU may come close, but I believe this was the loudest it has ever been for me inside a football stadium. It clearly effected our snap count and Bama fans could learn from their shear noise level. We have more fans and make less noise. Not good.

They tailgate in the dust and dirt. Where most of them gathered pregame was just a dust bowl. I do not think eating a bunch of dirt along with your nachos is what I want to do. Hot, dusty and smelly...that is an Aggie tailgate.

Also, they haven’t figured out parking yet. That was actually a good thing because you could get pretty close without paying anything. One aTm guy even said,"here I’ll move my truck so you can park in my yard" and then charged me nothing. A lot of money could be made if those kids would get on the ball.

Their campus reminded me of the Army. When they say "We have a pretty campus" I think they must be comparing it to the Texas State Pen.

They all take gallon jugs of water into the game. I’ve never seen anything like it. Who knows what they are brining in and it is all perfectly legal. I asked an Aggie about it and he said they once banned bringing in water and so many fans passed out they rescinded the rule. I have no idea if that is true but they definitely are taking tons of liquid into the stadium. I did not see a lot of them drunk so maybe it was just water. I drank probably a gallon of water myself but I had to keep refilling my water bottle.

I’m not much to "look" at college coeds (for various reasons including the fact that I’m married and they are the age of my daughter) but I will admit there is something very alluring about girls wearing next to nothing and cowboy boots. They definitely don’t dress for football like Alabama coeds where it is often a fashion statement. I honestly prefer the way our girls dress-- better, classier, and for old guys like me, less of a distraction.

Some of their traditions make no sense to us but then they are their traditions. I did collect a few of their 12th Man towels they were handing out before the game. They came in handy to wipe off the sweat during the game which is probably where the tradition started. I’ve carried the towels home and plan to use them when I change my oil which I now have to do after that long drive. Thanks Aggs!

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