My First Trip To Bryant Denny Stadium

YAIS, I know what you are thinking; how in the world does someone live nearly forty years and never go to Mecca? Well, I don't want to test the boundaries of the SBNation formatting, nor try to override their servers to the point of madness so this opus will have to do.

And quite the auspicious game to go to, ceremonial Subbuteo to the Gumps but a real scare if one considers that a distant cousin who moved to Colorado to enjoy something close to his heart came back down with the idea of punching you in the mouth first chance he got. The CSUAB BLAZERRAMS (Thanks, Ricky. I think) were loaded to bear and ready to take the field.

Of course heading into the stadium last minute (which seems to be the lot in life for RollTideYall and I; just a tad late to be fashionable, of course) meant we were in a rush to get in, dashing around other Gumps and stadium support staff to get into the stadium before the team took the field.

After weaving through the gates and then slipping into the view we finally came upon the field the view which was amazing. Goose bumps started forming on my body as the crowd started its stifled enthusiasm (apparently we need Coach Cochran yelling at us during the game to cheer. See, Coach Saban wants a home field advantage. Stop rooting down to your opponent) when the teams took the field.


...and The Million Dollar Band was on point all night, including halftime...

The first half was full of complaint as the team left 14 points on the field (two failed drives, yo) and the defense was consistently being gashed for yardage instead of controlling the line of scrimmage. Thoughts of Mario Cristobal effigies burning around me were all I could imagine as lots within the section complained about the effort the team was putting on the field. At least I took comfort there were two underclassmen getting quality time against a well prepared opponent and depth being developed (\choking sound) on the offensive line.

Many of a comment was made about the beautiful sunset that occurred on Saturday at the stadium and this was my view of that glorious view of the scene.


...still wasn't the most beautiful thing I experienced that night...

And it was shortly after that Bama finally took control of the game enough to allow me to sit back and then enjoy the experience of singing the Rammer Jammer within the friendly confines of Bryant Denny.

My only regret is not having my normal camera to take these pictures as the final one came out blurry, but still has it's own grace about it. In a way you get to see the stadium through the eyes of my disease. You get to see how light can blur and disperse in my vision, especially at night. Please enjoy the experience without sadness.


...goodness knows I don't get down about how I see the world and light...

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