The RBR Crimson Tide versus the Man/Bear/Pigs of the Ole’ Miss "Rebels" Random 10

Welcome to another installment of the RBR random 10 brought to you by the Judge. This weekend’s game always has me a little torn. What do you mean Judge? You live and die for the Crimson Tide and have since you were a few cells in your momma’s belly. Well voice in my head (that I listen to too much). I will explain.

My brother and I were raised Crimson Tide from birth and thank the good Lord for that. When my brother, who was a few years older than me, was planning to go to college there was no question he was going to the University of Alabama. Well my uncle decided it would be good to take in a Tide road game in good ole’ Oxford. At this point, we had only seen the Tide in Bryant-Denny, New Orleans, and the Ole Gray lady. I think this was the first time the Tide played Ole Miss in Oxford. Anyway, we get there and everyone was very nice to us and my brother was awestruck by the campus. Maybe it was the trees and buildings maybe it was the cute girls but he couldn’t stop talking about the place. I remember the Tide “won” the game even if the records don’t reflect it. Long story short, my brother became an Ole Miss Rebel, graduated with two degrees. He loved the Tide but when he became a Reb, he gave all his bama stuff to me and stayed loyal to his Rebs but he was always torn over the game.

Judge please get on to why you are torn, you have no reason to love Ole Miss….

Well, several years later, my brother was killed in a car wreck. He was just driving in his Lingenfelter Trans Am cruising along (actually doing just 70 on the interstate) when a person, TALKING ON A CELL PHONE, came into his lane and pushed his car into a Semi Truck stalled on the shoulder. He and the cell phone driver were killed instantly. This is where my love for Ole Miss comes in. We knew it would be a closed casket and that he would want to be buried in his Ole Miss garb. Well we didn’t have access to any of his clothes (he was living in Chicago at the time). So we called Ole Miss, only really rich people had internet in those days, to see if we could get some Ole Miss clothes for him. Two people from Ole Miss, who didn’t even know my brother, drove the clothes from Oxford to us in Birmingham, that very day. Not only did they do that but they found his friends from Ole Miss for us and contacted them all to let them know the news of my brother’s passing. So when it came time for the funeral, there had to be at least a hundred people from Ole Miss there. If that doesn’t say class or earn you the love and respect from a person, I don’t know what does. I guess the best way I can put it is the way AJ put how he felt about Coach Mac. I wish them the best at all times but not this Saturday. I am a 100% behind our Tide but a little piece of me is having a Toddy.

So after wiping the tears from my eyes and making my admission the old Ipod gives you….

1. Don’t leave me this way – Thelma Huston

2. Outside Now Again – Frank Zappa

3. You can’t run away from your heart – Judy Clay

4. Main Street – Bob Seger

5. Knock yourself out – Lee Roy Parnell 6

. Girl on my mind – Buddy Holly

7. Sleeping Bag – ZZ Top

8. Now I know how George feels – Hank Williams Junior

9. Wonderful Wino – Frank Zappa

10. Louisiana Blues – Muddy Waters

Bonus track – I ain’t no nice guy after all – Ozzy with Lemmy from Motorhead

Well my love for old soul music and FZ are on display with a little country thrown in. Not bad.

Roll Tide Roll!

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