RBR and a particular eavesdropping group

Note: this is written at a lower comprehension level than most of you are accustomed, but it is necessary to prevent certain key words from being tagged by that unnamed group and being used against me/us. I truly hope I can finish this and that most of you (the RBR faithful) will get to read this before something happens to the post, me, RBR or even y’all.

All the so-called glitches that have been occurring on this site are not due to your ineptness. Some have tried to attribute it to General User Error (not a major or colonel but a general) or just not knowing what the hell you are doing. Those mentioning anything concerning tinfoil, tools, raycism, bewbs, couches, cacti, drugs, sex, politics, Christmas trees, squirrels, religion, or rock and roll are in danger. If you have had any of the following happen to you or someone you know be very careful because the digital data is being hijacked by the above aforementioned unnamed group (it goes with Not Suitable Anytime).

· your computer goes to blue screen (not to be confused with the blue man group)
· your use of competing hardware and software (names can’t be mentioned because it raises eyebrows)
· browser formatting (unibrow errors)
· lack of updates on mobile devices (offense not defense)
· not being able to logon using mobile devices (can’t comment from Mobile or even Birmingham)
· not replying to the correct post (it really wasn’t Jasand’s fault)
· spelling errors (you just thought you were misspelling Tawd’s name)
· trolling errors (those comments weren’t even meant for that particular thread – this seems to be geographical, most recently anyone near Oklahoma)

And another thing to be very careful of - imposter posters - what really happened to some of the old posters, and how about those that just happen to show back up when their name is mentioned (beetlejuice?). Have any noticed how some of the commenters begin to act strange, differently as a thread progresses? Or even how some threads are hijacked? Or how some are always wrong? Or even worse behavior – always right?

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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