The Jumbo Package │02.13.14

Your daily dose of watching the internet and Auburn fans melt down over a "proposed" rule change.

According to twitter and the rest of the internet, everything is Saban's fault...

The NCAA Football Rules Committee has recommended a rules change barring offenses from snapping the ball until the play clock reaches 29 seconds or less in order to give defenses time to substitute within the first 10 seconds of the 40-second play clock. The only exception: the final two minutes of each half.

the updykes have destroyed college football. 
Ignore and break rules in recruiting and change on the field rules to fit your teams strengths.
hey ncaa why not investigate the uat cult? That would clean up most of the problems in the game.
saban's middle name should be HYPOCRITE

whinny little man ran the HUNH in both halves of the Iron Bowl but now wants to outlaw it? The bottmo line is wee man doesn't have a clear advantage any longer and wants the rules changed to aid him and get the odds heavy titled back in his favor-----HYPOCRITE baby!

If this doesn't convince folks that sabbun is ballz deep in emmert, then nothing will.
If this rule passes, it essentially eliminates any form of hurry up offense. That would include a team trying to run a 2 minute drill. That would be like telling Matt Ryan, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady they cannot tell people to get up to the line even in the middle of the game like they so often do.

You want to be able to substitute, watch game film on Auburn's defense substituting.

Saban as a recruiter (rule breaker) and game planner is a master.  It is in a tight game, against any offense, that Saban is at best an average coach.  He simply does not adjust well within the flow of the game.  He and Fat Hog are pushing this because as in game coaches they just don't match up.

TV ratings are bigger than ncaa. If this passes, we can kiss the NCAA goodbye

it also shows how weak and pathedic saban is. what a wuss , a coward and a only can win with total advantage. COWARD. ncaa is a weak noodle with emmert hold hands with saban.

I would hope that if this rule was passed, there would be some sort of lawsuit from all teams that run a form of the HUNH to demand proof that defensive safety is compromised. Do a study. I can assure you that to show statistical significance, you would need almost 10,000 games to give it enough power.

Siap, but the comments on the bspn story are like bizzaro world. Satan is getting trashed on there. Maybe this will backfire and everyone outside east Mississippi will hate him just a little more. What a chickenshit ***** he is.

are you nuts? The cult follows their god. He can do no wrong. If he said that bammer would only play one game a season they would be fine with it.

One year and Gus is already the best.....

I am convinced that Malzahn is the absolute best in the business at both utilizing the skills of the players he has on his roster AND using the rules of the game to his advantage.

I don't think it matters what the rules are.  Malzahn will find a way to use them to his advantage.

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