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Marshall Henderson Breaks SEC 3-Point Streak Record, Rebs Cruise to Victory over Alabama - Red Cup Rebellion

Ole Miss win, but didn't really do anything to benefit their NCAA chances - which, at this point, are so shot that it's a waste of time discussing.

Speaking of the SEC and the NCAA tournament...

SEC Basketball: Tuesday's Finals Confirm Our Suspicions - Team Speed Kills

Missouri proved my pessimism to be well founded in its case, as the Tigers didn't just lose to Georgia last night. They fell by 15 on the road, with the Bulldogs completing the season sweep. Mizzou's lack of defense in the 71-56 debacle wasn't a new thing, but the offense failed to keep up its end of the bargain. A team that is supposed to be knocking on the door of the Big Dance is now tied for tenth. Tenth in the SEC. In this SEC. Yeah.

Anyway, the story remains the same. You can't really count on anyone winning when they need to except for Florida and Kentucky. That is how a 14-team conference becomes a two-bid league.

I think UF is a fine basketball team and I would love for Alabama to be in their position but something tells me the SEC, as bad as the conference is as a whole, is making Florida look much better than they actually are. Maybe they have the talent to hang with the rest of the country's elite but my gut says they don't make it past the Sweet 16.

Less than 20 percent of college coaches support 10-second rule proposal (report) |

Only 25 of 128 FBS coaches polled by ESPN support the rule proposal, which would require teams to wait 10 seconds before snapping the football. The proposal, with support from Arkansas' Bret Bielema and Alabama's Nick Saban, will be approved, declined or tabled March 6 by the Rules Oversight Committee.

Seventy-three percent of coaches polled are opposed to the rule and 7 percent are undecided, according to ESPN. Only 11 coaches from the "power five" conferences, including the SEC, support the rule, according to ESPN.


We need to start a lobbyist firm, not to promote the rule, but so we can explain to the country this "rule" has nothing to do with the 10 sec run off and is pretty much all about the defense being allowed to substitute more often. Who's with me?

Arkansas' Bret Bielema's reputation has taken a considerable hit - College Football - Stewart Mandel -

Bielema is hardly the sport's only brash, straight-talking coach, but public perception is far kinder when those types of coaches are winning. Take South Carolina's Steve Spurrier, for example, who rarely goes a week without taking a shot at Clemson, Georgia, Saban or another adversary. W

When Spurrier goes off, fans and media eat it up. The 'Ol Ball Coach is coming off three consecutive 11-win seasons and can say just about anything he wants.

However, not even Arkansas fans are particularly enamored with Bielema right now. It's one thing to have a 3-9 debut season at a long-suffering program -- Colorado, for example -- where patience is a necessity. But the Hogs are only a few years removed from consecutive top-10 finishes and a Sugar Bowl berth. If Bielema hopes to repair his damaged reputation, he needs to win big, and fast.

No, we all listen when Spurrier talks cause he's a crazy old man and a master troll. You get points for being creative, Bret. When you say stupid things like the death certificate thing, we all point and laugh. Learn the difference or stop talking.

If there were a draft for college coaches, who would you select? This mock doesn't take Nick Saban No. 1 |

And with the first pick in the 2014 draft, SB Nation's Bud Elliott selects ... Jimbo Fisher, head coach, Florida State. "I started with Jimbo Fisher over Nick Saban because of age," Elliott said. "Fisher is 14 years younger, and he's proven in running a top-level program."

Funny how the FSU guy chooses Fisher first. :/

Look, I like Jimbo and think he's a good coach but there isn't a coach in college football that comes close to Nick Saban. Call me a gump if you want but who is more  "proven in running a top-level program" than Nick Saban?

Sure, Malzahn and Fisher were in the most recent national championship game but as much as 'Bama fans want to think it's possible, Saban can't win the dang thing every year. And when he doesn't, that isn't a sign of him slipping or that other coaches have surpassed him. Let's not forget Fisher's struggles before he landed Winston.

Alabama Crimson Tide most impactful recruiting classes 2011 - ESPN

The letdowns: There were plenty of misses in this class, though. Duron Carter, son of NFL legend Cris Carter, never played a down with the team after transferring to Alabama. Bradley Sylve, the No. 5 wideout in the class, hasn’t made a splash at cornerback, and Brent Calloway is no longer with the program after an arrest a year ago. LaMichael Fanning, who had the build scouts drool over at defensive end, never panned out, transferring to Jacksonville State after this past season. And most recently Dee Hart, a top 10 running back out of high school, left the team after the Sugar Bowl and was arrested by Tuscaloosa police on Feb. 16.

Huh? I'll give him Duron Carter, Calloway and Fanning but they were far from the "stars" of that class. Sylve red-shirted his freshman year, played some in 2013 and will be competing for one of the starting spots in 2014. Saying he's a bust or let down shows how little you know about Alabama. And don't get me started on Dee Hart. The dude had two major knee surgeries in back to back years. Do a little homework ESPN before calling a guy a bust.

Some post-NFL Combine mock drafts now include just 2 Alabama players in 1st round |

Kouandjio, who was a consensus All-American in his junior season with the Crimson Tide, labored through drills and reportedly had concerns raised about his surgically repaired knee. He was not included in Rob Rang's latest first-round mock on and was bumped down to the second round in's.

Both Brugler and Rang tab the Green Bay Packers at No. 21 as Mosley's likely landing spot while slots him to the Cleveland Browns at No. 26. Brugler projects Clinton-Dix to land at No. 22 with the Philadelphia Eagles while Rang likes the Pittsburgh Steelers at No. 15.

Makes sense to me. Out of the guys who declared for the draft the only two that were to me 1st round talents were in fact Ha Ha and CJ. And honestly the later in the first round you get picked the better team you end up on, so that's a win for both these guys.

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