About Guinness

With St Patty's Paddy's Day right around the corner, I wanted to share this story of a hidden benefit of Guinness. A chiropractic colleague of mine (RIP) shared his story with a group of us a number of years ago.

Doc was visiting his daughter who was a missionary in Africa. While sleeping in a tent, he was stung by a scorpion and a centipede in the same forearm in the same night. By the time Doc made it to London Heathrow Airport a few days later, his arm was swollen to the point that they quarantined him for a couple of days. Being of good Irish stock, Doc talked them into letting him come home so he could seek care.

Once home, things got worse. The forearm puffed up to about twice the size, he totally lost strength & feeling in that hand, and the immense pain kept him awake all night. Doc sought out specialists from Chicago to St Louis to Mayo Clinic and beyond. Nothing worked. He was having trouble even seeing patients (one-armed chiropractorin' is hard!)

Doc hadn't slept in weeks from the increasing pain and he was diving into a deep depression due to the "loss" of an arm and the imminent loss of his once-thriving practice. He went to his favorite bar to get one final drink before "ending it". After he shared his story with local legend Sully (also RIP), Doc asked for one last drink. Sully brought him a pint of Guinness. Doc hollered at him "You know I hate this stuff!" Sully then told him a story.

"In Irish hospitals, every patient gets an 8 ounce glass of Guinness every night because it contains bioflavonoids, powerful natural antioxidants," explained Sully. "I recommend that you drink a Guinness a day for a couple of weeks before you decide to do anything drastic."

Doc begrudgingly drank his Guinness and thanked Sully for the advice. He stopped at the store on the way home and bought a four pack. Doc drank one Guinness (and some times two) every day. After a few days, he noticed some decreased swelling. A few days later, the pain started to decrease. Hand strength and feeling started returning after a couple more days. Doc kept drinking his Guinness and he kept getting better. It took some time, but he finally was back to full strength!

Doc finished by telling us he REALLY hated Guinness now but, every once in a while, the pain, numbness, and swelling returns. Immediately, he'd go buy a four pack to drink and over the course of those three-four days, it'd return to normal.

So, there you go. Not that you hooligans need a reason to drink, but at least you have a reasonable excuse. I hope wherever you are on March 17, you'll join me in toasting your first glass of Guinness with "FOR HEALTH AND ROLL TIDE!"

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