Future SEC Football Non-Conference Schedules Vs. Power Conference Teams

SEC - Mike Ehrmann

News broke Sunday evening that the SEC is staying with an 8-game schedule but with the stipulation that starting in 2016 all schools must schedule annual non-conference games against a team from the ACC, Big 12, Big Ten, or Pac-12. Many teams in the SEC already have some interesting games in place.

Below are tentatively scheduled games against power conference teams (all games beyond 2014 are subject to change).

Alabama (at one point, Michigan State and Georgia Tech were both on future schedules but now gone. Might they return?)
2014 - West Virginia (at Atlanta, GA)
2015 - Wisconsin (at Arlington, TX)

Arkansas (revisiting their old Southwest Conference rivals is smart)
2014-2015 - Texas Tech
2016-2017 - TCU
2018-2019 - Michigan
2021 - Texas (location TBA)

Auburn (had Georgia Tech on the schedule at one point)
2014 - at Kansas State
2015 - Louisville (at Atlanta, GA)

2014-2018 - Florida State
2017 - Michigan (at Arlington, TX)

Georgia (The annual game with Tech may not be enough to persuade the playoff selection committee)
2014 - Clemson
2014-? - Georgia Tech

2014-2016 - Louisville

2014 - Wisconsin (at Houston, TX)
2015 & 2017 - Syracuse
2016 - Wisconsin (at Green Bay, WI)
2017 & 2020 - NC State UPDATE: LSU has cancelled this series paying a $100,000 penalty.
2020 - Penn State (tentative neutral site game)
2021 & 2024 - UCLA
2022-2023 - Arizona State
TBA - in talks with Oklahoma

Mississippi State - has no future games scheduled against power conference teams.

2014 - Indiana
2017-2018 - Purdue

Ole Miss
2017-2018 - Georgia Tech

South Carolina
2014-? - Clemson
2015 - North Carolina (at Charlotte, NC)

2014-2015 -Oklahoma
2016 - Virginia Tech (at Bristol Motor Speedway)
2021-2022 - Southern Cal
2026-2027 - Nebraska

Texas A&M (are the Aggies looking to join the PAC-12??)
2015 - Arizona State (at Houston, TX)
2016-2017 - UCLA
2018-2019 - Oregon

Vanderbilt (series with Wake Forest cancelled)
2016 Georgia Tech

The haters are already chiming in saying that teams like Indiana are going to have their phones ringing off the hook, but that does not help strength-of-schedule which will be a big determinant for the playoff selection committee. It is in the best interest of SEC teams who want to make the playoff to schedule up.

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