The State of Alabama Baseball

(Note: If this website doesn't want me to post again, just say so and I'll be gone. Then, delete my post and everyone can be blissfully happy.)

I would like to discuss the current state of our Baseball program. First, I would like to say that, in the Spring, this is the program I care about the most (I love ALL BAMA sports!!!) and have put the most cash into. I'll try to ask some questions in an organized manner. You can call me what you will, you can disregard everything I say, that is your choice and right. I have absolutely no problem with it, and, will not be upset (I want to hear ALL point of views). So here it goes.


- We are about to build a $35 million stadium. Our AD and BOT have, finally, shown a commitment to BAMA Baseball, do we have a $35 million dollar stadium coach? I blame some of the mediocrity of this program on the anal retentiveness of our AD, as it pertains to Baseball. I know that Gaspard has had to deal with crappy SEC facilities and the stadium should help recruiting. (But, let me remind you, the first $100+ expansion and renovation of Bryant-Denny occurred during Mike Shula years. Nice guy, but, out of his league). (ex. Does Kennesaw St. have better facilities, or a better coach?)

-That leads to, is Mitch Gaspard a coach worthy of a $35 million stadium? Personally (if I were AD), the leash would get extremely short for Gaspard and I would go after the Best College Baseball Coach available in America. (Just like we went all-out for Coach Saban to "get-him" and "keep him")

-What motivates these coaches? Is reaching a Regional the "mountain top" for them? The nonchalant attitude seems to permeate to the team. Scooby snacks (as cute as it sound from the TV announcers, are obviously not a successful motivation tool). Are we too stubborn to change our approach to hitting the ball? We seem to keep the, "oh well, that's baseball", approach". How does Coach Gaspard reassess our approach to team-wide anemia at the plate (at least, every other game)? Can Coach Gaspard motivate the players? Can Coach Gaspard motivate his Coaches? Can these Coaches motivate players? I am yet to see it.


-Do we have any TEAM Leaders? Who are they? What are they doing to motivate the team?

- The team-wide lethargic nature that we approach the plate is ultimately on the coaches, but, the players are not exempt here.

-When I watched interviews with the team members, just after the Regional was announced, every one of them acted as if they had just had donated 3 pints of blood. No emotion. That's how they played today. Result, a 0-1 loss.

What will it take to wake this program? The new stadium can't hurt, but, BAMA's problems are deeper than that. The University of Alabama is, finally, showing a major commitment to this program. We need the LEADERSHIP (within the program) that is worthy of that commitment.

Like I said, if this board doesn't want to hear anything critical, so be it. I'll be gone in a heartbeat. Just let me know.

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